Face to face…

say that the nature and destiny of man depicted on his face, and "reading through" facial features, it is possible to know the future.True or not, no one can say for sure.But the attempt to carefully look at their loved ones, and himself in the mirror, it is possible.And, of course, compare their observations with the findings of psychologists.

What we talk face shape?

1. The oblong face is common among politicians and people who have great power.Sometimes also a sign of aristocratic origin.

2. unsymmetrical shape of the face can be seen, first and foremost, intellectuals with a high forehead and artists with a weak will.This type of person is typical for women who do not have big ambitions.

3. The oval face is generally indicative of a clear lack of ambition.However, at high cheeks and a discerning eye it is a strong, and in critical situations and a dangerous personality.

4. Square face usually belongs to the man who knows how to fight, but I think slowly.In addition, he is stubborn and unyield

ing.The same face shape women talks about her penchant for dictatorship and dominant position in the family.Moreover, it can often indicate that it behaves like a man.

5. The triangular shape of the face is typical of restless intellectuals immersed in themselves and their internal problems

at the same time by such a person may be hiding the cunning and ruthless man who lives on the outskirts of society.

What tells the shape of the nose?

1. Long nose speaks of conservatism and thought the owner (and sometimes of arrogance), has a great intellectual and artistic abilities.But a man with a long nose is not enough entrepreneurial spirit.

2. The short nose is often the case in an open and optimistic people.

3. A man with a bony nose, usually thoughtful and reserved, it is difficult to fit in better.While serving as chief usually has poor relations with subordinates.

4. Nose "potato" promises greater success in life.

5. If the nose end of the bend strongly, it may serve as a warning that the owner in poor health, and his life would be short.

6. aquiline nose - evidence of inconsistency and variability of nature.The owner of such a nose constantly feels resentful and wants revenge.

7. Wide nose often tricky belongs to the person who will be rich.

8. The narrow nose, on the contrary, predicts a lifetime of hard work.

9. Nose, advanced middle, shows a lifetime of work without any reward.

10. If the nose upturned end up alert: the owner or the owner lived minutely, without worrying about tomorrow.

11. If the end of the nose is cut by a vertical line in front of you a brave man, full of original ideas, who knows how to get out of any situation.

What does the shape of the ears?

1. High landing ear indicates that its owner is waiting for a wonderful career.

2. Average (between the eyebrow and the eye) Ear landing says that its owner waiting for success in the business plan.

3. Low ear landing (below eye level) warns that this man has no chance of success!

4. Protruding ears - a sign of bad character.It can only compensate for a large chin.

5. Ears close to the head, a sign of good character.But if they are not visible, their owner - a man the wily and vindictive.