Your favorite mug

All people are different.Someone emphatically still, from what to drink tea or coffee, these people do not even notice the shape of a glass or drawing on it.Others are so accustomed to their favorite dishes, even taking your favorite mug on vacation or on a business trip.

And psychologists say that the choice of dishes is not accidental, and, depending on from what people drink beverages, you can tell a lot about his character.

So, out of the cup, brought from travels with the symbols of the places he visited, drinking tea incurable romantic or a big fan of traveling, dreaming of distant lands and adventures.A favorite mug allows him time and again to experience the pleasant moments of their journey and adjust to new voyages to distant lands.

If all of the above applies to your man, you will get a million roses, and a star from the sky, and poems about love in the moonlight.However, it would be good that when his quest for beauty and unexplored your romantic one does not forget also about everyday pr

oblems, otherwise the burden of care you have to take on their shoulders.

If a person chooses Thermocup, then before you a versatile and multi-faceted personality.Such a man - not just a great professional and a great family man, he has a lot of interests and abilities, and he does not hide.

Typically, these people love hiking, traveling, climbing.Activities - their passion.But the rest of what is called "comfort", that is, in a five star hotel or package tour, where "all inclusive", the owner of insulated cups is unlikely to agree.But the tent, campfire, guitar songs, stew in banks, forest romance - a haven for such people.

On the other hand, is very motivated people.By putting one in front of the goal, they will definitely go for it, even if it is not easy to achieve.

If such people include your man, then you can be congratulated on an excellent choice.It is reliable as a rock at him, you can rely on and entrust the solution of their problems.

If workplace person chooses coffee or tea in a plastic or cardboard cups, the man in front of you light-headed and even windy.Burdening himself with some obligations (in this case - washing circles), he obviously does not want.He avoids situations in which it may be responsible for something.

But on the other hand, plastic tableware lovers can concentrate all their attention on something that is of interest to them.Someone - it is work, which go all the strength and vitality, and others - is a love relationship.But be careful: you probably already noticed his friend "symptoms" of narcissism and barely disguised selfishness, and this is serious!So think about whether to communicate with such a man?If you want to get serious about family relationships, it is better to find a reliable partner.

your favorite people prefer to drink tea from a cup and saucer?Then in front of you, most likely, an esthete, a maximalist and perfectionist, a man who does not understand poluchuvstv, midtones, poluveschey.He prefers to live to the maximum, honors the tradition, always carefully observe the rules of etiquette and will never make that would go beyond the bounds of decency.

Perfectionism causes a person to always and everywhere be the best.From this tormented himself, and no less - his family.If he spends all the forces out to be a leader, you may never know what real life is, and how beautiful she is.Think about it before you associate with the life of him.

If a person's favorite mug with a sign, it is not always evidence of a sense of humor.Rather, they warn others."Talking" mug is a protective sense, hides from strangers phobia and fear of his master.For example, a mug with the inscription: "My mother - the best in the world" - this is not a tribute to his mother, but rather a warning to anyone who is around: "I am not alone!I need somebody!I am loved!".

mug with the inscription - a way of man to assert himself, to convince himself of something tighter and inspire the very idea around.If it helps, then why not.