Whether young blind?

In the foyer of the cinema, waiting for the beginning of the session, I watched with interest for the group of young people: three boys and three girls.He stood "handsome" in their company.Tall, outgoing, very nice guy.Understanding that is the focus, it is literally "sparkle and poured."He does not stand still, his mouth was not closed: it is "littered" jokes and compliments.He was willing to "embrace the boundless."His girlfriend did not take him happy, loving eyes.

second guy too pleasant appearance: tall, good-looking.He behaved more modest, though still not silent, supported his colleague.It was felt that he was from a good, educated family.Right, well-mannered boy, favorite child.Perhaps his mother does not chayala it soul.A sort of infantile, zalaskat mama son.The girl standing next to him, though, and looked at "handsome", but was quite happy with my choice.

third man - a short, stocky, plain, nothing attractive appearance, stood silent.It was not clear how it relates to its "leading" friends.

But it was a girl with a bored face.He was not interested in her.She kept her envious looks from guys their girlfriends.

I'm looking at them from the height of his age and experience trying to imagine for themselves their future."Pretty Boy" - a man "for all".While not lose its attractive appearance, will use

great female attention.Communicative and handsome, he easily will make new friends, changing his wife casually, without thinking.Women themselves would "be hung around his neck."The wife of such a man can hardly be called happy, because to live with an adulterer - heavy share.

«Mama's Boy" - eventually zaplyvet Zhirkov, flying around the hair.Accustomed from childhood that someone solves his problem, he would lie on the couch, grumble and complain about his failed life.All, except it will be to blame for his failures.His mother, continuing to patronize a favorite child, will not interfere in the affairs of his family, often destroying it.Lying on the couch, he gradually loses his libido.Will the happy woman, living with such a man?

Looking at Third Man, I thought: "Do not be sad, man, you all come."Such seemingly nothing attractive guys, do not use the girl's attention, but the older it will get, the more it will be like women.With age, matured, they become attractive to adult women.

received from "krasavchikov" and "mama's boy" wounds and "burns", women are beginning to appreciate here these inconspicuous men that attract women is not appearance, but very different qualities.In sexually such a man will long remain a man.Many men of this kind with age take "revenge", making up for lost time.

Why so blind youth?But maybe I'm wrong.That this is the wisdom of nature that has created so many different people.After all of the beautiful people are born beautiful children, from smart - smart, from boring - boring.If all people were the same, similar to each other, except it would be a life as varied and interesting?

Well, you think?