I - just laugh !

has long been known that by their actions and manners, in habits and facial features, you can learn a lot about a person's character.Each of us has a characteristic gestures and movement, on which he does not think.And even laugh at some extent consistent with the nature of man.Do you want to learn more about his woman?Look how she laughs.If

, laughing, she touches the little finger of the lips, it means that it has its own idea of ​​the "good tone" and it is inherent in the style of behavior.These ideas will follow it anywhere, anytime.This woman likes to be the center of attention.But for this, sometimes very dubious pleasure of always being in the spotlight, she has often sacrifice the inner freedom and always act as if in a shell of its own unshakable image.

If a woman covers her mouth with laughter, it is somewhat shy and not too sure of herself.Often troubled, she prefers to stay in the shadows and, as they say, "do not be disclosed."Try to help her learn to not go overboard with excessive self-

analysis and self-criticism.

your girlfriend, laughing, throw back his head?Rather, it is trusting and gullible, but at the same time her generous nature.Sometimes she makes unexpected actions, consistent only with his feelings.And, in fact, it is better, perhaps, to rely more on the mind.

If a woman with regard to laughter hand face or head, then most likely, it is - a dreamy nature, and who know its people - relatives and friends certainly consider it dreamer.This is certainly not bad, but not when it is, without taking into account common sense, trying to realize their dreams, sometimes quite unrealistic.More sobriety and realism in assessing the problems of life such a woman does not hurt.

She wrinkles her nose when laughing?This means that her feelings and views quickly and frequently change.Rather, it is - an emotional man, and apparently capricious, easily give the mood, but it certainly creates difficulties in communication and she herself, or others.

If a woman laughs loudly and with his mouth open, then it belongs to the people temperamental, mobile.Despite the openness of her nature, a little self-restraint, moderation, it would not hurt.She certainly knows how to say it, but help her to learn and listen!

Your friend bows his head before gently laugh?She - the person kind, conscientious, accustomed to adapt to the environment and to other people.All of her feelings and actions are always under control.She never disappoint anyone, not upset, but for this it is often necessary to sacrifice and self-interest.

Laughing woman holding her chin?This manner of laughter said that she managed to keep in his character all the features of youth.However, at the same time, it can often act impulsively, without much thought, and sometimes recklessly.

If she squints when laughing, this testifies to the balance of nature, its self-confidence and extraordinary mind.This women's activities and persevering, though, sometimes, perhaps more than you need.In such cases, it would be nice to look at themselves as if from outside.

If a woman has no specific manners to laugh, then most likely it belongs to individualists and in everything and always primarily guided by their own opinions and judgments, often ignoring the views of others.Surely it is not to everyone's taste, but with such a strong character it is difficult to adjust.