Stress and life situations

Recently I came across an interesting article - about the stress in general and the classification of them on the table, Holmes Reich.Since the stress became permanent components of our life, I found it interesting to analyze stress in accordance with the table.So, what kind of classification, and how realistic it reflects the essence of the problem?

Dr. Holmes with students conducted a study in which there was a table of life situations, as a result of which a person gets into a stressful situation and then become ill.Americans were shocked by the research and is now clutching his head - almost everyone who has been tested voluntarily (which is also a small, but nevertheless stress), it is a potential patient.

critical threshold of Dr. Holmes has identified 300 points.According to Holmes and Reich, those who have scored 150-199 points, have the greatest chance to become ill within the next year.Those with the amount of 200-299 points, are at risk of disease, and if the amount is more than 300 points

- the probability of disease is very high, but in all cases, it all depends on a person's ability to manage their emotional state, from its relationship to the event

Evaluationstress Holmes-Reich

death of husband, wife - 100 Divorce - 65 The death of a loved one - 63 Different kind of injury, illness - 63 marriage - 50 Loss of employment - 47 The reconciliation with her husband (wife) - 45 Deterioration (improving) conditionthe health of a family member - 44 Pregnancy - 40 Sexual problems - 39 The emergence of a new family member - 39 Changes in financial position - 38 Death of a close friend - 37 Change of work - 36 Gain or ending the conflict with the spouse - 35 Forced sale of the house - 31 Changes in official position - 30separation of children - 29 Trouble with the law - 29 Outstanding personal achievement - 28 Start of work, study (withdrawal from work, school) - 29 Change in daily routine - 24 Trouble with the boss - 23 Change in work schedule - 20 Transfer to another place of residence - 20Change of place of study, school - 20 Change of location or vacation style - 19 Change of social activities - 18 is necessary to hand over the room (rooms) for rent - 17 Changes in sleep mode - 16 family became more frequent (more rarely) get together - 15 Changes in the usual food ration - 15 Vacation(vacation) - 13 Minor violations of the law - 11

And as it happens in the arrangement for our ordinary life?

loss of a loved one - is in itself difficult, and, if that person was included in all aspects of our lives, it is added and the change of lifestyle.The void formed after such a loss, for a long time can not be completed if it can be filled at all.Only time can dull the pain.And, after a long illness, the human body is restored for a long time, and grief do not need to fight, but rather to give yourself the opportunity to cry, to feel and to slowly recover.

Also high in the stress scale is and divorce - it's also a loss, sometimes complicated by the circumstances of the break in relations, and also a change of lifestyle.That is why, in order not to exacerbate the stress, so much has been said about the need to remain human in all of life twists and turns, not to cause unnecessary pain and take care of those with whom you have walked together in life for some time, have not only the general wealth, but also the mostthe main thing - the children!Children are also prone to stress and carry them often harder than adults - we can not forget about it.

Paradoxically, although marriage for our psyche too great stress: old habits break down, giving way to a new relationship, a new people, there is a need to put their lives at the mercy of other people.To sustain this change is very difficult.

We have a very large extent build on the habits of their lives: every day we wake up at the same time, going to work, carry out the same business, we meet with the same people.Even the usual route try not to change, believing it best.Such stability - the key to peace of mind.And when something suddenly bursts into the stability and mixes our plans, even if it's just a bus failure, we experience discomfort and irritation - too stressful, if not the strongest.

And if you have to change your job?And not because you are so decided, preparing in advance a new job, accustoming himself thus to the idea of ​​change, but by the will of another, and even when injustice!Such stresses are helping to overcome family and friends related with love and participation.But by not worth the trouble to turn into trouble, suffering and constantly poisoning the life of themselves and others.

came to depression, it is not necessary to go through a strong mountain - enough together a few too, upon closer inspection, important problems.The bottom lines of Holmes-Reich table lists such reasons.That this state of their need to learn to control that all life does not seem one wide black stripe.In the end, by yourself a lot depends on what you choose the direction - along the strip or side to side, trying to go faster than her, to reverse the situation.

Recipes in such cases, each person has his: someone just enough sleep, and life will shine with new colors, someone - make a pleasant shopping, to spend an evening with friends and listen to good music.But we must still try to see the good, useful, beautiful - in all that surrounds you.The miracle did not need to wait - it is necessary to create!Ultimately, there is no absolute good or bad events, and is our attitude towards them!