And how good it was ... ( letter to the editor )

situation, in which I got on extremely unpleasant and almost hopeless.Although, judging by the numerous women's stories, I'm not the only one who got into this situation.

I have a wonderful job, which I do well.But with all that I am not some kind of unique expert-class, you can replace me very easily.And I have a small child who is often sick.That is, I'm pretty vulnerable, and therefore do my best to do everything well, in the hope that does not fall into the list of those who can do without.

Six months ago, when I got into this company, I believe that I a rarity: an excellent team, well-paid, from the house close.Every day, he went to work as a holiday.But our boss is gone on the increase, and the new come - a very influential patrons.

And everything changed - no more joy.The fact that this new boss, something called, laid eyes on me.First there were the compliments and smiles, then went to candy, patting and stroking.Now he openly said that we would have to spend time with him in the country or e


I try as little as possible to fall into his eyes, but the firm is small, all in the mind.Already I hear whispering behind her back - yet they see that he is breathing unevenly to me.I and a photo of her husband with the child in a conspicuous place set, but he does not care.

All complicated by the fact that my husband and I pay a large loan, and he is now on the complexity of the work.I told him, of course, talked about harassment chief.My husband originally wanted to go to my office to find out the relationship, and then all weighed and realized that we needed to try to hold out for at least six months - a year in this job.But as?

I'm afraid that if abruptly refuse or something rude to say this boss, he just dismiss me.How to get rid of him, I do not know - never got into this situation.

In books write that somewhere punish sexual harassment, but I can not imagine what it needs to do?And anyway, I'm scared to communicate - he has supporters, and I am against it, one is perfect.Talked to a colleague, she said that since last quit work for the same reason.And that such harassment - it is almost the norm.

I do not know how to be.Maybe someone will advise something?I started to look for a job, but nothing even close to the right and there is no similar.And the most unpleasant, and her husband is nervous - always alert and looking questioningly as I come home from work.

Advise something!