Serafimino happiness

When our eldest son Dmitri bought on the outskirts of an unfinished house, the first thing I was glad for the good neighborhood.Right next to his future homestead farmstead located Polnikovyh family.The hostess, Seraphim B., until recently, taught chemistry at the high school Neftegorskaya №3 - she studied three of our son.So, we can say, close relatives.

In the fall neighbors offered our developers grape cuttings, seedlings of perennial flowers.Digging wells, planting a garden under the troubled bleating goats polnikovskoy Matilda, because it approached the end of the grazing freely in the garden ... Son of a spring sowed it with lawn grass, so horny "neighbor" to walk here all summer.

And for mesh fence we saw strange birds.Chinese Cochin China - black and blue - strolled imposingly on aviary.Mansion kept Indian Faverolles Chicken decorated whiskers.Russian Corydalis with interest looked at the pockmarked cock and his girlfriends ... calico.

Four dozen hens and cocks exotic species and class prefig

ured in a wide courtyard Polnikovyh, causing the surrounding neighbors not only curiosity, but also envy.And as soon as possible to save the couple gentle feathered family, given that the new place of residence Polnikovy began to settle in among the first settlers ?!

Ten years ago, the first obitatelyami- "scouts" construction sites of the neighborhood "E" were their four goats and eight kids.Then came indostrausy.And soon a rainbow shone around the house from a red brick red and white roses, lilies, hydrangea, asters, peonies, chrysanthemums ...

Seeds many colors Seraphim B. ordered in the Research Institute of Floriculture.Now color the kingdom-state was close to the borders of only one estate.Hostess generously shared seeds, layering with neighbors, friends, colleagues in the same school work.The annual district and city competitions for the best flower garden landscaping each year recognize polnikovsky.And without any exaggeration!

Our Dima, looking at the manor neighbors, keep on them a future landmark.He likes beautiful weeping willow, vitamin beds, a cozy garden, where everything is in place and not only for the sake of the harvest.Here and herbs, and a vineyard, and raspberries with cherries and aronia, currants and a few varieties.

Much brought from distant trips to Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Zaporozhye."We train in such places, where now the nose will not show", - says B. Seraphim, sadly remembering that while he lived and flourished the Soviet Union had no boundaries and differences between countries.

oldest teacher of our city SBPolnikova from the first days of opening Neftegorskaya secondary school №3 took up the work of regional studies.It is not a historian, she is calling the soul and the heart come together with young pathfinders materials which are now no price.In pursuit of oil production, per meter mountain penetration and generation of cubic meters of gas, sulfur, neftegortsy paid little attention to the ancient antiquity.And where it is, old man, if the rising-rising young city in the desert, and all that is left in the attics of rural houses, - the day yesterday, forgotten.

Since then other reasoned, but not Polnikova.She cobble together search parties and set off with the guys on the near and distant villages.She procured a room under the Local History Museum and engaged them for twenty years, until he went on a holiday.

lot of hard work on the revival of old customs and costumes.Her classes, which she led to the outlet, considered the best not only in school but also in the city.To get under her sensitive, but the strict guide for us, for example, was a great success.And when, after nine "B" class in which he studied the middle son Jura, was disbanded and became a chemistry teacher to teach other, our son longed for a long time and could not forget the "sweet-sweet Borisovnu Seraphim."

Presidency women's council district nominated her for the title of "Woman of the Year of the Samara region" as the best teacher, local historian, active ascetic.

The couple Polnikovyh two wonderful children, grandchildren.When the family gets together, warm, well and happily takes the soul of homemakers, flower fairies, bird Queen Seraphim.