What heals the healer ?

Bronislaw E.

Krasner was born in 1958,

Dog, Sagittarius,

graduated from Tver Polytechnic Institute,


healing has been since 1990,

lives and works in Moscow

With Bronislaw I know for a few years.This meeting - just one of those unexpected pleasant gifts, which sometimes presents the Internet.I have to say, I'm a pragmatic person, from a purely materialistic worldview.But familiarity with Bronislaw not to shake my principles, but made to look a little wider and take what previously was beyond comprehension.And perhaps the most convincing proof to me was that the glory really helped me in some difficult situations for me ... I am very pleased that he has agreed to respond specifically to our magazine to my questions.We live in a strange feeling that misfortune happen to anyone, but not with us, but when left alone with the pain, a problem with the disaster, we try to find at least some way out, and often do not find it.Bronislaw just one of those people who can help.Not for us to so

lve a problem or find a panacea for all ills, namely to help ourselves to find this out.

well.- So, is that the healer heals - body or soul?

B. - Healer (from the word "whole") considers the human being "whole", and tries to apply more accurately to have in the arsenal of many different tools for that would lead to greater human harmony.Basically healer efforts are aimed at harmonizing the body, and most complaints related to this.And experience shows that after a session man, in varying degrees, is beginning to change.Well, the important fact to a person who has already come to the reception at the door did not reject the idea that our troubles are to blame only ourselves.

Now the soul - or rather because - the Soul.Heal the soul healer is not entitled.Heal the sickness of the soul (so stated in Ayurveda - a disease of the soul), man must himself.The healer can suggest the most effective, in his view, the way of healing the soul of this or that disease.

well.- And men are different from women's issues?If so, what?

B. - All of us - men and, of course, there are issues that affect all equally.In their limited experience and the experience of my colleagues, I can say that women are more likely to seek help.Men in many cases, will pull up to the last, to suffer and not complain - well, they are arranged.And, besides, I think, they are less inclined to trust the healer - even have come to accept the men, the degree of confidence in the healer, on average, lower than that of women.In addition, the fact that women can seriously worry, men may consider irrelevant, not requiring attention.

well.- And yet ... What is most often treated women?

B. - Women, in my experience, concerned about the problems of interpersonal relationships in all their forms.From diseases - most "female" problem.

healers eventually formed "preferential direction" - a kind of specialization.It usually changes over time.But at any particular time, most of the patients, who were treated to a healer - it is his "direction".Therefore, the healer, not leading a massive reception, the data can be subjective.

well.- To you people bring problems, pain, grief ... it's very hard.How do you cope with it?

B. - copes differently.Especially if the patient - a child.Sometimes painful.Highly.And doubt and weakness, and failures - can also have ... What helps to cope?Joyful eye patients.And, of course, family, nature, reading, meditation.And yet ... At the time, watching how my teacher and healers of his level (ie much higher than my qualifying), it seemed to me that they are somewhat callous, whether that applies to patients without a proper, natural compassion.And much later I realized - what happens to a person at a given period of time, all the ills and troubles - is the best solution for him (from the point of view of the development of his soul).That is exactly what you need to refer to the situation.Perhaps it is as well regarded teacher.I can not get ...

well.- That is the suffering heals ??And all destined to more than ??

B. - It's not meant to be.Otherwise, and the meaning of our existence would not be.And how could we be responsible for our deeds, intentions, thoughts?Yes, some of the events of our life is predetermined.One way or another, but we will get into the prepared situation.And our attitude to the problem arose largely will determine which way we go from event to event.Arisen on our way to serve the suffering of the soul, for the restoration of harmony in man and in the universe.Harmony can be such a plan - made evil disharmony - used ... That is how the law of retribution - Karma.Repentance - this is the beginning.A very important step, because the first and hardest, causing the need to cross, and begin to change.But often this step is not enough.Not only repent of the evil caused - it is necessary to compensate the good to the greatest possible extent.

well.- Is it already possible to compensate for the evil deed?

B. - possible compensation for its good (harmonious) deeds, intentions and thoughts.And in this case, the punishment (suffering) can not occur.In my opinion, the suffering that has not come - curable.

well.- Who turns any printed publication weight declarations with the proposals of the various services of healers, sorcerers, healers, hereditary and there is no ... How do you feel about ??

B. - Okay.Everyone has the right to advertise their work.

well.- And their number does not surprise you?And who is who, who will help to understand the ignorant person in need of assistance, and who cheat?Admit it, many charlatans ...

B. - Number?Well, not enough ... the competition, you know.How to sort out an ad?Not easy, but, as elsewhere.Ibid, pages, and there are lots of announcements of medical centers, but the problem is the same - do not know what and where to get it.Personally, I would be cautious reacted to the ads, where the guarantee is given, and even 100%.Although ... maybe people have trouble with math.Maybe someone you know is close already had experience of similar treatment using - check with them.If you have a picture of a healer - a look at the man.Can you frankly tell him, do you feel confidence in him?

And yet - if you do not help one healer, and helped the other, it is not necessary that the first was unskilled.Maybe it's just "not your" healer.Or, at the time of treatment has not come yet ... And yet, all that I have said in our conversation, does not claim to ultimate truth, and is my personal view of the world at the moment.

Conversation with Bronislaw not limited only to these issues, but it seemed to me that what is already his as a person and as a healer.If you want to ask something, clarify or ask for help from Bronislaw - the address of its Internet site - http: // www.celitel.info.You can also ask questions right here on the pages of our magazine.