When dreams come true ?

We all dream - about something or someone.Someone dreams about the rest of the Canaries, and someone - a prestigious job.Someone with all my heart wants to have a baby, and who is looking for true love.Dreams are different, but the formula of the desires one.How to realize a desired in life?That's about it and will talk.

First of all, you need to understand the difference between the desire to achieve something and the dream.Desire - is quite attainable real thing.I want a chicken dinner.With pineapple.It is possible for me.I can buy the necessary products and cook the desired dish.Or, for example, order in a restaurant.Someone wants to buy a certain car model.If you have a stable income, this desire becomes real - you need to wait a little longer to save money and purchase the desired car or solve the problem with the help of car loan.It is also quite feasible.

Another thing - a dream.This is something unattainable at first glance, what is living in the most secluded corners of the heart.And if not f

or the dream fight, it will remain a dream forever.In the end, not necessarily to be strong, smart and talented.But to believe in your dream and go to it, without turning!

Here is a concrete example.More than ten years ago, my parents took me to the little girl and asked to work out the vocals.Very reluctantly I took the first lesson - too mediocre seemed to me girl!Too shy, with a weak voice, not in addition to utter sounds half."And this man they want to make a star?" - I thought.But from the very first steps, it became clear that the diligence, perseverance, and hard girl compensates for "a shortage of talent."She soaked up knowledge like a sponge, and worked on a 24 hours a day!

And this is the result: the girl only 20 years old, and she was a few steps away from your dreams!I received from the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Arts in the pop-jazz department.She is now a second year student.She teaches her assistant professor of Afanasyev, one of the best teachers in Moscow, a teacher of pop-jazz vocal Gnesin Academy, which released such stars as Diana Gurtskaya Nikita Malinin, Polina Rostov.Now the girl his own rock band, she teaches vocal and wins prizes in various competitions.The girl named Dasha Bochkareva, and have no doubt that in the near future on the showbiz firmament shine even one star.

So, here we have brought two major components of the formula of success - a fanatical belief in his dream and hard daily work.The third prerequisite of the dream - a bit of luck.It always comes, and it is very important to notice and use your chance.So how did an unknown girl Olya Sun from a small seaside village.

She believed in his star, and a chance, risking to conquer the capital, exerted enormous efforts to luck to her.Even at 22, she was lucky enough to go casting and playing the lead female role in the film "Kakraki".Main actor himself was invited by Mikhail Efremov, and for provincial girls, you see, this is a real chance to be noticed and become visible.

I deliberately cite examples of little known girls whose whole life ahead, and that persistently move to his dream.They live according to the formula of success, and one day they will wake up famous.

So what do you need for a dream?Unquestioning belief in themselves, multiplied by the hellish work, plus a modicum of luck - this is the formula of the cherished dream.Follow it, and then, as they say, too, "turn over truck with gingerbread" on your street!