Magic Hands Asia Kaymakovoy

Five years ago, in the "Victory Salute" festival, we Neftegorsk was an exhibition of artists and photographers area.More than one hundred thirty works of amateur authors were presented to the audience and the jury, which noted a number of distinguished paintings Kaymakinoy Asia, made in a special technique - plastic clay.Her work has been awarded with the Diploma of the regional creative competition "I love you, my native land", dedicated to 155 anniversary of the Samara province.And it was nice to see our artist in a series of venerable masters of painting the winners of this prestigious competition.

Assia - a man of creative attitude and high self-realization.Teacher of the highest category, a caring mother of five children, she instilled a love of creativity not only their children, but also successfully teaches young villagers in a local art studio and on employment of graphic activity in the kindergarten "The Seagull" rural settlement Utevka one time led the art department at the SchoolArt.

No exhibition, whether family art contest, arts and crafts, carried out in the area, is not without works of this talented woman.Head Kindergarten Kindergarten "Seagull" Nina Weaver said of his colleague: - "There is no sphere of creation and application of their hands, that would not have successfully mastered our Asiya Ravilevna".

... In the book reviews that memorable exhibition here were these lines dedicated to her talent: - "Pictures of Asia Kaymakovoy hit their uniqueness and beauty, the rapid flight of fantasy and wonder, worship before the world and the cosmos."

On that day, we met with Asiey Ravilevna.At the exhibition, it did not come alone, but with the younger children.Like vyunochki they curled around his mother, is proud of the magnificent pogladyvaya stand, where next to the clay gallery lined ... even the ladies of high society.A whole string of dolls, dressed up for the ball and receiving guests, complemented wonderful art landscapes.

Talk about family traditions regarding rukomesla ... Asiya said then:

- Utevskaya Our land has always been famous ancient rites.How to save all that can and still remember our elders?How is it to transfer from an early age?We must start with learning the sayings, nursery rhymes, dances, with the study of national costumes, culinary secrets.Going back to the origins of the culture of ancestors, we instill a love for the homeland, to native culture.

- What is needed to solve this problem - I asked her.

- It would be a desire but the desire and plan to study the rituals, traditions, customs, clothing us with colleague Marina Vladimirovna Kochetkova have been developed in 2007.It's called practice-tentative long-term project "Wonderland".

the first year of four-year training the kids acquainted with the folk toy dolls-amulets, the ash box, is made from ash.This year, they moved to the second stage of the project - to get acquainted with the "word of Rus', because it is a cult sarafan- formation.Teachers tell and show what clothes and shoes worn by princes and patching people in the 17th century, what was Russian arms ammunition as children dressed up.And to know about this period young utevtsam a must, as it was their ancestors at this time inhabited by red-Samara fortress to guard the borders of Russia from the nomads.

The third phase of the project authors will move to a more complex topic - the study of folk costume, as a kind of folk art - "Round dance of nations."

craft shows, familiarity with the works of folk artists, Practice proverbs, signs, sayings, riddles, collecting materials for "Spence folk wisdom" album creation, production layout "Wonderland" - all this is in the field of activity of teachers.But the opportunities, the ability of children and parents in the same project opens fully.This includes guided tours, talks, festivals, workshops, popular mobile games, making folk dolls, creating a joint effort of the museum "Russian chamber".

¬ęDuring the first year of the project the teachers were able to form of ownership skills technique familiar with the folk culture of children, - says Nina Weaver.- Work mugs "Semitsvetik", "young lady", "Mansion".Framed exhibition of works by young circle members.Games developing medium is filled with ritual and folk dolls, dolls in national costumes, crafts children, parents, teachers.It looks colorful album "The costumes of the people", which is made all together.

Now kindergarten "The Seagull" lives on "fantastic" routine.It employs theater "Teremok" in which the tales are set by the seasons, played folk performances, theatrical ceremonies are also according to the ancient calendar.Service "Care" cares about people and fowl, and of animals and plants, which conducts the "Red Book".But under the heading "In the protected forest", the authors and participants engaged in harvesting acorns, cones, seeds, arrange the fair gifts of nature.Autumn Leaves - escorted birds, spring comes - call together with the southern edges of the heat-loving pichuzhek.It's summer - the study of flowers, plants, insects, made herbarium.And spend in the garden of the operation "Chistodvor" go on a visit to the Queen of Autumn, Winter Mother, visited by the palaces of sunny summer.

When the authors of the project "Wonderland" only came up as more than inspire kids under the heading "Stadium" to happiness next to a kindergarten, in a vacant lot grown mini-stadium "Zdorovyachek".And he appeared on another project "Family Territory", implemented by the Ministry of Family, Motherhood and Childhood and the demographic development in conjunction with the cellular company "Smarts".The author of this project was the teacher of the kindergarten Valentina Yushkovets.Now, here are held outdoor games, nursery rhymes arranged heroic, relay, luge competitions, snowball throwers.

addition to the basic educational work, have Asia Ravilevna purely domestic hobbies, which like a magnet attracts her children.This production of non-woven tapestries, dolls, embroidery, knitting, sewing, in a word, the co-creation with your family.

Older children Ravilveny Asia and Yuri Stepanovich Kaymakinyh live at home, next to them there was one dochka- high school.It grows in a family of his son successor kind.And all that has accumulated the older generation of the family, certainly will be continued by their children and grandchildren.