Meet - Lyudmila Bilenka !

Sunny Bunny blinding, plays hide and seek with us.Someone laughs, someone tears of wonder on the plaster.It is like a living, perched on the wall, teasing its warm color.On a visit to me was asked to relax, Born sunlight.Suddenly the wall slid to the floor and jumped on my lap ... heard someone ringing laughter, the laughter of children trill And so it was on my mind a light, late, achingly kindly ... I felt good the whole skin, and I share with you thisjoy

with cute I met several years ago when she had come from Israel to Moscow (and before that we were talking about a year on the Internet).The first meeting, acquaintance, talk about everything, good-bye - the day passed quickly.And then I learned that Mila - artist.Naturally, there was an interest and a request to show the work.Then came in the mail photo.And that Mila writes poems, I learned recently.

be honest - I've always envied people genuinely endowed with talent.It's so cool - to convey their feelings, perception of the world paint on canv

as to capture the moment, not just a photograph, and its emotional perception.Since writing this article, I asked Mila to answer the questions, and then decided to leave and - my questions and her answers.

well.- Do you remember when picked up a pencil, when the first picture painted ??

AM - As a child ... it was fish, colored pencils.

well.- You wanted to be an artist?Or how it all happened ??

M. - I studied in muzykalke, went in for sports, graduated from a technical college.And then - in 1988, admission to an evening art school, a change of place of work, and - began ...

well.- And the first show ??

M. - In 1998, not personal, of course, in conjunction with others.One work performed plasticine, and more ... with the monastery.They are in the pictures.In this academic year, three exhibited her work.

well.- What materials do you work?

M. - Butter.Canvas, cardboard or hardboard.More netraditsionka Artist - painting clay, sewing or crayons.Execute and schedule.

well.- Mila, but ... you draw it up?need?self-expression?- how do you feel?

M. - All together ... creativity, a splash of emotions ... a lot of things.Have shaped the nature of art.The images - they are born in my head ... it was mine, even if I'm writing from nature.

well.- It becomes easier?This escape from reality or an attempt to comprehend reality emotionally?

M. - It is a reality and there.It also occurs to me, though, it's hard to explain ... Sometimes I just make myself work.

well.- The opinion of your friends, the audience in general - their perception ... How important is it for you?Or like this - as for the artist, who exhibits his work, it is important to view the individual in general and in particular of the crowd?

M. - Any creative person should have its own audience, which is close that creates the artist.

well.- Do you have it?

M. - son, parents, friends, children.

well.- Your students are talented?

M. - almost all children can and want to paint as a child, but then somewhere it is going away - not supported in the family.It seems to me that developing education involves changes in the adults themselves, and we do not.Because the first attempt failed to find a response from the loved ones, for the children ... and remain the first and last.

well.- And your son?As it relates to art in general and to your creative work in particular ??He was your student?

M. - I taught him a little, in the classroom.He is talented, but does not develop this direction - became interested in music (DJ).And for me, he was the first critic.My work, he appreciates, however thinks that I'm too humble myself belong to them.

well.- Is there something that you dream of, what would you like to do in terms of creativity?

M. - Happy want to be !!!But seriously, the design workshop at the school.But I'll tell you about it yet.

well.- Read your poems.Do you remember when it was first written?

M. - In my 17, not - 16 years.But this fickle fad.That single line for years, and then, as a machine gun ...

well.- Have any of your students become an artist?

M. - Nuu !!I work in a regular school and not put such a task before him.I want to develop their abilities in all - in the perception, in the expression of feelings.Learn to love and understand art - that is, to give the first push.And what they will be - it is more.Ways to uncover a lot of creative nature.Here, for example, one of my students now studying to become a fashion designer.Also art!

well.- Women and the Internet.What gives you the Internet that takes ??

M. - I want to make a joke - money takes away !!But seriously, then I catch the emotions.And I really came close to me people ... It is here, in the internet.

It was still a lot of questions - of course, the answers too - all can not be conveyed.And poetry, and pictures you see here.I can only add - visiting us - Lyudmila Bilenka , teacher of fine arts and drawing from Krasnoyarsk.

Again dawn and the sun shines.Life awakens silence.And from the sea blowing warm wind that dust blows in height.And it seems that everything is as it was, day-night, day and night, day and night, day and night ... Only the pain remained, not cooled, no!Do not go away from the heart.It keeps the sadness and joy, longing, resentment and love, communication with loved goodness I ask the sky again and again.

impossible to live ... die ... Fear Madness thoughts ... Life or death ... ... the dark endless nights Day ... People around ... I ... one.The words do not make sense?Desire word Silence ... all day ... again and again ... a cry of despair !!!In response to the void ... The world around ... I ... one.@stix