girlfriend in the grass

Friendship - a delicate matter that requires dedication and sensitivity, care and appreciation, and much more, making strong friendships, bringing joy and relief in difficult times.And friendship strengthens faith in people and in myself.

This I wrote a preface to his own understanding to express friendship.Still I can add that it is only in childhood, early adolescence friends quickly the plant, and every time you think that last a lifetime.And with the age of these friends is getting smaller: old somewhere to disappear and new ones appear in no hurry.Perhaps more critical start to treat people, and maybe, just youthful shroud with eye drops, and you begin to understand that live in the neighborhood or work side by side - not only for friendship.We need something more, do not just pull together, and attract each other.

But that's the theory, but in practice, I like to "roller coaster" swept, first up at the peak of joy and contentment of life, and then there hooted down, and that's just recently got


And everything was just fine: I have found a new job, it is the one that we dream about.And the salary pleased, and everything else, and, more importantly, the staff also seemed very pleasant.Especially a woman of my age, Inna - I liked it at once so friendly, welcoming, and where something flashed in my head: "Maybe be friends?ยป

tables we next standing, engaged, we almost one thing, so it is withInna I had the most interaction.She introduced me to date and in particular the relationship, telling colleagues about many interesting things.I have a short time learned so much, and such things that, like, people are trying to hide from prying eyes, for example, about family matters, about "skeletons in the closet", about children, husbands and lovers and pr.

Honestlylet me first alarmed by this awareness of my newly made friends, and then I thought that it would benefit me, so that I could properly form relationships with colleagues.However, colleagues were in no hurry to me with open arms, but rather held, albeit politely, but at a distance.And I still did not understand the reason for this attitude.One only Rimma Ignatyevna - very nice lady at the age, once advised me not to be too frank with Inna.However, the value of this advice, I realized later, and then just shrugged, enjoying a new girlfriend.

husband is always scolding me, I instantly "fall in love" in people and not pay attention to their shortcomings.And then, after a while, I do not understand how it was possible to forgive such.Similarly, I was able to and with Inna.Since we were doing one thing, I began to notice her interest in the papers on my desk, and then discovered that she voiced some of my ideas in a slightly modified form, posing for her.

But I still did not attach any importance to this.Cheerful energetic Inna liked me, she always emphasized my abilities, praised, admired.Of course, it was nice.And that's what she's talking about me behind my back, I heard quite by accident.The night before she went to my house and got no call at the time of cleaning and laundry.It is understood that the special procedure was not, but Inna waved my apology, saying that's all nonsense.

The next morning, at the Ina flew into the room late, and from the doorway, not noticing that I crawled under the table to get the fallen pen, he blurted out: "I went yesterday to visit Lyuska because she had such a mess.They live the same people in such filth! "Then she saw me, at first confused, and then began to somehow be justified, they say, we work too much, we all have not enough time to family and home, and so on ...

I was terribly uncomfortable, and after this incident, I cringed and began carefully to look closely and listen to her friend.And if he had not only blurred the eye, but also from the ears plugs fell out.Inna had incredible gift alter everything said by someone, and, of innocent words did this crap, that simply amazed.I do not shun it and invent, and then with innocent eyes give up their own words.As a result, it managed to embroil all constantly.Because of her, each kept to himself and was afraid even to say a word too much, not to be distorted and reinterpreted.

And she is constantly informed the authorities about everything that is said and done in the office, and at the same time simply prepend any of us, reporting on our mistakes or miscalculations.I tried to talk to her, to convince, it is wrong, but in the end we just had a falling out.

finale of our "friendship" came after a single case.In the morning, come to work, I noticed that I had torn pantyhose.While there was no one, I decided to change clothes and climbed into the nook behind cupboards, where we had all the coffee and tea.At this point came Ina and our bosses.Inna said excitedly: "You see, Lyudmila has not yet come, and have long working day has begun.And in general, it is almost always late, and our remarks are not responding! "And then I came out of the cabinet, said hello and asked her to clarify, when I was late, recalling that the arrival and departure marks the guards at the entrance to the office.She blushed, and the chef just smiled and walked away.

more I did not talk to her, but colleagues, seeing this, began to treat me with a lot friendlier.Only now I have to Inna became the number one enemy, and gossip about me appeared punctually.Here and there I heard a lot of "interesting".Disgusting it was, but I did not know how to handle it.The same Ignatyevna Rimma said that my "friend" - some kind of relative to our director, so they tend not to go to the conflict - it is a pity to lose such a good job.

Bowl my patience was exhausted, when a rumor that I was falling for our chief and covet it simply indecent manner.It was awful and totally untrue.Yes, I once publicly said that he - a good and nice person - and all!And the whole rumor grew out of these innocent words that have picked up some pleasure.

home I in tears all told her husband, and he asked me to leave, so as not to shake your nerves.At work, I wrote a letter and went straight to the director.He was surprised that I had worked so long and asked the reason of this my decision.

And then I finally told him everything - about the Innu, about gossips, about slander, about the fact that people are afraid to stop her kind of attitude because of kinship ties with him.The reaction was unexpected.The director did not even immediately realize he was talking about, and then invited me to go to the workplace, and even to think.Before leaving, I heard the secretary calls him Innu.

Inna left our team in hysterics and scandal.Finally she poured all the mud, but we could not hold back a smile of joy.And, after her shut the door, someone said that the air has become cleaner.

Here such I had ... "girlfriend in the grass."I'm still working in the same team.It is not without order not to gossip sometimes, but we have a good relationship, it was quiet, no one does not substitute, not quarrel.And with the choice of friends, I became more cautious.Yes, and I go to work at work - there is no time to make friends!