To begin a new life

no one who would dare to change their profession in an already mature age among my friends.I asked about age, because of the long length of service had to change something in his profession, but still - "geeks" do not become "humanitarians" and vice versa.

Statistics says that the change of profession in our country, especially in adulthood, a rarity.And this at a time when many European countries almost every person in the course of life two or three times changing profession.Why are there people are not afraid to try, look for yourself?Why are the Conservatives all over, including in the matter.

At work, people spend most of their lives, and it is important that the work enjoyable, or at least not cause disgust.But how many people go to work, experiencing real mental suffering.

And, finally, everyday stress leads to neurosis, depression, prevents enjoy the rest of life, affect the climate in the family, relationships with children.At the same time we can not fail to realize that the longer we draw

or make changes in your life, the less chance we have to change anything at all!

Maybe it all starts from the school.After school, few of the young men knew exactly what he wanted to do with my life.And yesterday's graduates enter universities in random selected parents are going to study in company with friends, etc.. Only at the end of study for many appears at least some idea of ​​the chosen profession.Even those who have a childhood dream to be a teacher or a doctor, with the profession, with its features, so that the surface is hidden from prying eyes, face is not right.What to say about the economics profession, an engineer and a mass of completely new professions, and many who can not pronounce.

And working life began.You dreamed of being international journalists, and have to deal with correspondence in the letters section.You want to create anti-crisis programs for businesses, and doing statistics.And every day your dream further and further, and in front of routine with the unloved work.And it is not difficult to understand that to postpone the search for something new - then resign ourselves to more dissatisfaction for many years.

happens so that, in principle, the work is quite happy, even like, but authorities ... colleagues ... salary ... Once again, this constant sense of dissatisfaction, which spoils the mood as soon as you open your eyes in the morning.

in this case is unlikely to change something drastically, because relationships with colleagues can be changed, the salary may increase, and the heads are ideal only in the movies.In addition, you can always try to change is not a profession, and place of work - it is simpler and easier than starting your career from scratch.

Maybe you do not like to go to work because you do not like your job?Clearly, sad every day to perform the duties of the Secretary in an advertising agency if you want to engage in the advertising business, or by typing text on your computer, watch with envy as are sophisticated computer programs or new websites.

But in this case, it all depends on you, the goal is clear, therefore, you need to learn - from colleagues, courses, training centers and schools.Keep an eye, to adopt experience, try it yourself and show what you are capable.

Do not be afraid to take on additional responsibilities, and if the company opens a new job - ask his candidacy.

Often problems arise with the work of the people due to psychological difficulties.If you are closed by nature, not very sociable and communicative, you will be hard to work with people.A impulsive nature with the quick response and the love of change not usidish of painstaking paperwork, even if it corresponds to education.In this case, it all depends on you.We need to find exactly the position, company, job profile that is suitable for your particular character, for the psychological characteristics of the warehouse, not torture yourself every day.

But here you analyze and understand why you do not get from their work fun, and all of the options with the change of positions, companies, activities you can not save.That leaves one option - to leave the hateful work and start a new life.

Do not be afraid, and remember to change the profession, as well as go back to it, never too late.But first decide, what would you like to do.Think about what additional knowledge you need to find your favorite work.Learn a foreign language, sign up for computer courses, that is, buy the necessary knowledge and skills.

Do not rush and do not dispose of the current session, until you find something to your taste.Do you have an advantage over other candidates: you are not out of work.And this is a big plus in the eyes of the new employer.

And most importantly: do not be afraid to look stupid in the eyes of colleagues and friends and decided to change his profession in a rather advanced age.Remember: it's your life and you have to live with pleasure!

In conclusion - I have changed my life.He scored spirit and went to the courses of computer graphics, and then offered his services to the log.Now I am doing what is interesting to me and every day I think with regret about the missed time - in fact, I would dare before.What should be noted - one of my friends supported me, on the contrary, all with fright discouraged, and now listen to my stories in disbelief.This once again confirms the conclusion - you need to build their own lives according to their understanding!