Drawing - my life !

Statement always difficult to speak.Not because I have nothing to say, but because once you start to touch - it is important that you need, and it does not matter.I'll try to order.

Though I was born in Moscow, but almost all life passes in Dubna.Here are my roots, my family, my home, my friends.After graduating from the Moscow Institute of Land Management, Department of "architecture", I almost did not work on a specialty - there were circumstances.Yes, actually, I do not regret it.Until now, certain that the architect - male profession.Even women who have successfully taken place in her, endowed male mentality and character.Apparently, this is not for me.

At what age I started to draw - I do not remember.But the first time that I realized that the image - this is my life, was a child.... I remember the little girl, exhausted disease where the body does not receive food that takes up a pencil and begins to draw.He invents something and draws.And I drew what I wanted to eat - still life, a branch of g

rapes, peach ... And somewhere inside light up hope - and suddenly I will buy this beautiful tomato or the grape twig ?!And the appetite and strength, and recovery.I survived, but then age to evaluate what happened, failed to.It is now, I understand that in this way helped herself.

And then I have my every live event tried to portray in the figure, every impression.This film and the book, and people, and nature.And all this is poured onto paper.When a person grows older, his feelings grow, mudreyut become more difficult all seems a little different.But, nevertheless, each artist paints not what he sees and what he feels.

All your life experiences, I experience it with a picture.All that the soul responds.

The strongest impression - from nature.I love the forest, waiting for the fall, even with the constant drizzle.Spring, sung by poets as the rebirth of nature, for some reason, it leaves me indifferent.I do not see this beauty.And autumn - is the fullness of life.Once everything is blooming, harvest, rich colors, warm rains - that it touches every time as the first time in my life.

All my work - experience.They are very dear to me, as a way of memory.My paintings - it is part of my mood, so sorry to part with them.But time passes, mood changes, changes a state of mind, and previous works are less interesting - there are new.Every artist has his own audience.My, the very first audience - a son, family, friends.Those who understand my feelings.

But painting on birch bark - it is quite another.I use a bark became, one might say, by chance.I needed to make an original, different from the others present.In Zagorsk on the opening day, I saw the first works on birch bark, made in the punching technique.My friend has advised that on the bark can write.But to his technique - drawing tempera - I got myself through trial and error.They said therefore architectural education - and the choice of the plot, and the love of straight lines, a clear pattern.For myself, I chose the brown, which goes well with the color of the bark.

gift was successful, and then received the first request to carry out the work order.Since my "bark" scattered all over the world - from Japan to America, Europe and Asia.Now my works are sold through art galleries in Maloyaroslavets in Dubna, Dmitrov in the gallery, on the individual orders.

Prepare bark to work is a snap - the one who is interested, can reach all by himself.And if you start, you collect, please bark from dead trees, fallen or felled.I asked - Do not pity to part with the paintings.This is different.Sometimes, as with "bark", it seems to me that the people she most needed.Although the paintings, too, had left me to different places.Generally, to sell the work or not - depends on the emotional relationship to it.

For ten years I have been working at the art school.Very much, very much!It is difficult to explain in one word - I like to communicate with children, to discuss any questions, knowing that you open for them and for yourself is always something new.Communicating with children's purity, pristine, spontaneity - it's such an emotional make-up that it can not be overestimated.I still remember, and his teacher.You're warm, memory, orientation, defined by it.I want my students once and remembered me.And as long as we learn from them - and draw, and watch and understand.We go to shows, walk around the city, go on nature.They are all very different.It is not known who will be one of them an artist or not, but the fact that they are able to understand and now - for many, is already able to decorate their lives.And for me it is important that it taught them to me.