My Maiden

Anton I often met in the office corridors - still working in the same company.A nice young man, not very well maintained and only some ... unsmiling something.Our local gossip once told me that his wife left him, leaving them with a small daughter, and now Anton itself handles all concerns.

But interest in me it has not, and own personal life was in full swing, and drown in the problems.We could not decide with my boyfriend: whether we run up, or get married.As a result, they swore and put up almost constantly that I was terribly exhausting.

I am by nature a quiet person, like rhythm, stability, and with my boyfriend all the time, as on a powder keg.I do not girlfriend said he was too violent for me.Unlike me, who loves to sit at home for a book, listen to music, just to talk, he was a great lover of all kinds of get-togethers and continuously me somewhere pulled.Well, I do not like when the smoky, constantly drunk and the music rumbles so that not only do not hear, but did not even feel.

So we quarreled all the time, and some of these scandals peak occurred before the New Year.We then dispersed in different directions, then we started dating again, and I'm so tired of all this, that, when once he left, slamming the door, came to mind: "How nice!Though he did not come back any more! "And I realized that the need to tie with such a life.

most unpleasant, that "tie" almost turned out only just before the holidays, and we're going to go with him to the boarding house to ski on all holidays.Already warned parents and friends all told.So I was left alone with the problem of how to spend time, and in general - to meet the New Year.For parents did not want to go - I will regret, lamenting that I was in my 27 years is still not married.To friends - the same thing for the same reason.

I do something at home and would love to have sat, but to be in one holiday, and even, as it were, thrown almost fiance - it is unpleasant.So when I was offered in our company to work in the holidays for employees' children Snow Maiden, I unexpectedly agreed.Santa Claus has been experienced - not a holiday was already working, and I was assured that everything will go well, and even the bosses promised a decent prize.

And we started to roll on the flats, to drive with the kids dance, sing songs, give presents.It was interesting to see how my colleagues live, how to look and behave at home.Poor was just something that every home touted the table and resented failures.If I, as the Snow Maiden, it was possible to refuse, the Santa Claus of such hospitality had grievously.

Anton with my daughter on our list at 31 December was the last.I'm awfully tired, and did not think about loneliness, but only looking forward to as I will be brought home, I climb into a warm bath, rest and then prepare all the most delicious, and will wait for the New Year.And Santa Claus, I think, in general have nothing thought, because he was not able to.

Anton met us nervous and confused, and welcome to our loud cries asked to speak more quietly - the daughter was ill.We already headed for the door, but I came back and asked him what the girl.Anton said that the temperature of a girl crying, and the doctor can not call and "fast" does not reach.He was so agitated and dejected, I offered to help, and Santa Claus in a car sent home, deciding that she shall reach by taxi - still have the last visit was.

daughter Anton obviously caught a cold, podkashlivala, and the neck was red.My little sister is always on my left, and I do not just have to treat it as my mother was not at home.I prepared a warm drink, make a compress, but the temperature rose.I remembered that my mother did in such cases.Anton nervous, but I did not argue with me, just watching and helping.

the arrival of "first" temperature at Asenka (the name of a five-year daughter of Anton) has decreased.The doctor said that the throat is red, prescription drugs, and reassured that nothing terrible, and we did everything right.Anton asked me to sit down while he's on duty pharmacy runs, and I agreed.

And the temperature was asleep, the baby calmed down and fell asleep, and we are with Anton relieved.It is understood that at the time we did not see, and there were about eleven, and go home before midnight, I even did not have time for a taxi, and where you find it - a taxi in New Year's Eve ?!

Anton also realized how dragged my voluntary medical assistance, apologized, invent some delivery options me home, and then asked if I was waiting for someone.I said no, that was going to celebrate the New Year alone ... Then he offered to stay, saying he had never met the New Year with the Snow Maiden.

remaining time we fussing, set the table, something cooked, sliced, fried.And then I sat down at the table, and it seemed to me that at the very moment we both really made out of each other.In a low voice, so as not to wake the sleeping Asenka, we talked about everything.And it was so comfortable, easy on the soul that wanted this night did not end.In the morning, Anton took me home, and the next day they Asenka again invited me to visit.

... My husband and calls me - my Maiden.But this New Year, he promised to give me a new suit of the Snow Maiden - roomier, because a month later Asenka be brother or sister - we are with Anton did not recognize our future baby's sex.