" Friendly " meeting

Damn I pulled the roll into the café.But, as usual, the courier had gone on business, and with pieces of paper to the client sent me.I'm offended yet another proof of the fact that I, as an expert, do not put in a penny, he went silent.On the way back, sensing the smell of my favorite pies, I have decided that I have the full moral right to eat, and went into this cafe, cozy and nice, although the prices here outrageous!

Puff pastry with strawberries simply melted in the mouth, and the coffee was exactly as I like: strong, fragrant.I enjoyed the goodies when she saw through the window a mistimed challenge from a foreign car, and it issued from the young woman.She casually make a sound alarm button, and a brilliant machine told her a wink.The woman went to the cafe.

- Lenka, is that you ?!- Stranger almost on the neck rushed to me.I surprise nearly choked patty.

- Alia, and are you ??- I vaguely recognize familiar features classmate, with whom we had not seen in years 7-8 of commercials.

- Yeah!Did not you know?And you have not changed!The same mouse, as well as in the university.I immediately lose one's attraction coffee and cake has come to resemble the taste foam.

Allochka-farming settled at a table laid out gorgeous mobile phone, and the waiter nodded busily staring at the menu.I quietly scanned the old acquaintance.Success comes through in every movement, in the smell of perfume, in careless manner, in a chic manicure and corporate outfit.

- Well, tell me!- Alia gave the waiter a strong team and fixed look at me.

- Where are you, what are you, how are you?What do you do, how much you earn, how are you?- Then she looked me over carefully and added -

- I see that the stars from the sky is not enough, and in fact you have, it seems, "red diploma" was?

I looked longingly at the exit and continued to silently choke patty.True Alia and not waiting for an answer to their questions, and began to twitter, talking to himself, his beloved.Within minutes, I learned that she grabbed the tail of the bird of happiness, settled in a cool company, learned to MBA and succeeds struggling Apartment, lover trips abroad - all that is required for a woman happiness.

And all this was applied in such words and tone of voice that I felt more and more blatant failure.

- And you saw our?Who?I went last year at a meeting night.You did not come, but in vain!And then it began ... Alia walked almost the entire list of our group, and, interestingly, each received a response, which could be reduced to three words: loser, dullness, besperspektivnyak.

She excitedly told me about all of life's twists and turns of our former classmates, without ceasing to emphasize its own success, which is especially impressive against the background.I could not stand such injustice and tried to argue:

- But in this double Krutova wonderful, wonderful husband!And Ivanov has written two books!Natasha successfully working on television - it promised its own program!

- found something to surprise!- Alia sniffed.

- Krutov become effeminate, her husband certainly the women of a broody runs, Ivanovo books - waste paper, and your Natasha has not yet passed all the beds to get to your own program!

I was amazed that anger, which broke through in every word.

- Alla, but at least you about someone, even accidentally, said a good word?

Alla broke off for a moment, but immediately replied:

- And you all need to get on the head and so on fur stroked?And life is such that if you do not, then you need ... now sharp claws and the ability to fight for a place under the sun, rather than any sentimental Siropchik.I say that it really is.Here you are, what you have achieved in your life?You sit dressed in Chinese "haute couture", bursts lonely pie, and you have written on the face of the person that you spent on it the cost of their lunch and dinner together.And you will prove that a happy and successful?- Alla broke off angrily and began to eat.

I also silently eyed former classmate.In his student days she was very, just, gray mouse, and tried desperately to find friends, but no one took it seriously.Study was given to her with great difficulty, and our boys avoided her side of remarkable stickiness and a willingness to break into a pancake for the slightest sign of attention.Was there some sort of dark story with the guy from the other team, then Allah has become a closed and non-contact.

But anger and aggressiveness seemingly successful young and attractive woman I was just scared.I thought that she was thus trying to make up for all the long-standing grievances.Pushing unfinished coffee, I started to say goodbye.Alla slipped me a business card with a proposal to address, if needed will help, although I thought it was just nice to show a beautiful embossed pryamougolnichek small as additional character their own success.

On the way to work I went over impressions and thought about his life.Let not all plain sailing, but the work I like.No cars, but is in the "iron horse" happiness?My friend loves me and I love it.We live for the second year together and are thinking about the wedding.And, most importantly, I do not believe that for the success you have to pay hostility to all others that have to do career, going over the head, and that their own achievements will brighten considerably if to belittle the achievements of others.

hard to be the smartest, most beautiful, the most successful, it is impossible to achieve perfection.But you can not "climb" to, and "let down" the other, criticizing and negating the success of their ridiculing and humiliating.However, the payment of such an attitude to people - loneliness, because it is difficult to imagine that someone has a desire to be with a man who does not rejoice in thy pleasures, and requires constant admiration, delight in his address, to prove to you that heyou - complete insignificance.

Allochka I'm sorry, sincerely, because to live she has with itself, and this is unlikely - a lot of fun, because in her heart she is constantly afraid that someone will be more successful, more successful, will pass it on the turn of fate and triumphantly turn.Too much success fee!