Better bad for a vacation than work well

Better, of course, and a good rest, and work with pleasure!But it happens that I do not really want to go to work after a wonderful vacation: you need to get up early to get to the office in a traffic jam, late to go back and bend your entire day strict schedule and the instructions of the authorities.

And just in case - it is at this time people start to feel an incomprehensible fatigue, malaise, bad mood.It's all because of the positive emotions we turn sharply to the stressful situation.But there are ways to make a transition from a pleasant holiday idleness to hard work easier and smoother.

For starters do not take a job, even the most beloved, as something personal, relating to all areas of your soul.Do not miss any operating problems, worries and troubles by yourself, experiencing each moment as a serious nuisance.

Always remember that in your life, except for work, there are plenty of amenities: a loved one, family, friends, hobbies, interesting meetings and activities.Such an attitude does no

t mean that the work - it does not matter, and you can treat her disregard.The idea is that the work - this is not the only nor the most important thing in your life, so do not assume that it is concluded and only meaning.

If your job you do not like, then returning from vacation even more difficult.But, even in such an operation, it has its advantages, such as salary, experience, professional growth.You can be nice and interesting colleagues with whom you are not only happy to communicate, but also learn a lot from them.So try to take out of the holiday, as the beginning of a new stage in your career, which, of course, has excellent prospects.

It is now, after a good rest and return to the activities you have the opportunity to make some changes, for example in the organization of their working day or location.Maybe there is a need to review your responsibilities and workload.You are rested, but because it is now worth calmly talk with the boss and express to him their proposals reasonably and intelligently.

If you understand that the reluctance to return to work due to the relationships in the team, then it's time to try to iron out before the release of the pressing conflicts.The ability to find a compromise - a great blessing, but to learn it, it is necessary, first of all, to be able to constructively talk to people.

In any conflict, conflict of interest, search and offers suggestions to resolve the situation.If you hear a criticism, it is not necessary immediately offended and irritated.On the contrary, ask to clarify what was meant, and if you pointed to real flaws in your work, and try not to spoil the mood of chicanery and unfounded claims, then it is worth considering the criticism and even thank you for it.

And never to communicate with even the most unpleasant colleagues to you, do not get personal and do not raise your voice.You still have to work together with these people, and brought to the state of the conflict of interests scandal can poison your existence and cause aversion to even the most beloved work.

should not be too much distance with colleagues - the more carefully you will emphasize the friendly but detached attitude, the alertness will treat you and colleagues, the less they will trust you.To collective life was pleasant and relaxed, you need to be able to work in a team of colleagues interested in business, support their ideas and initiatives.

Nobody forces to communicate with all colleagues on a short friendly terms, but mutual respect, friendliness, kindness in relationships, just, and create a pleasant atmosphere conducive to and success in work and good mood.

Coming after vacations to work, not portte yourself up in advance, do not get ready for trouble and difficulties.Try to maintain a good mood, and all problems will not seem severe and intractable.In the end, you have to have a new term vacation and pleasant stay!