A woman among men

How often women complain that it is difficult to work in the women's team: continuous squabbling, gossip, intrigue, envy!And sadly sigh, wanting to work with men only.They are, they say, is always adequate, at work doing just the work, and so on.Yes, this can only dream!

But psychologists say that not every woman will be able to "get along" in the men's team.But still you need to not just "get along," but bring himself to respect, appreciate the quality of the business, that is to become a full member of the team.What you need to avoid the same mistakes that all you got?

First of all, do not try to emulate male behavior and communication style.Do not forget the most that you're a woman, as well as to allow men to do it.If you are aggressive and rude, that pass for "boy-baba", nothing more, but get rid of the nickname will be incredibly difficult!

But the other extreme - to demand attention and care to portray the weak and defenseless creature - not worth it.You come to work - and work here, and do no

t ask for myself greenhouse conditions and attention.If you can not cope, sometimes better honestly ask for help, but if they do not meet the occupied place, you say it quickly, because the work for you is unlikely anyone would.

Try not to attract too much attention, or fall in love with yourself all the polls.Especially with the help of purely feminine coquetry, frank toilets, bright make-up - but whether these small stuff in the women's "arsenal"!The ratio of colleagues you seriously will not, but the comments from the authorities exactly wait.

Do not try to be all "natural mother" to take care to delve into the problems of men, feed, take care.Ultimately, your duty is not included, and, even with a good relation to you, you will not become a full member of the team - you just from these positions and will not be considered.

And yet, do not even begin to share their secrets.If you turn out in front of all their family and personal secrets, believe me, men will just have to be afraid and take it mildly, not very clever man.It is not women who are willing to disassemble any of your problem and nada bunch of tips.

What else could be the problem?It depends on the personality and characteristics of each.As it is not necessary to behave in the men's team, you know, but what is still to put yourself so that you are well and happy to work with?

The first and most important rule - you need to carry out their work as good and maybe better than your male counterparts.This is the surest way to cause their respect.And the rest - be myself, Keep calm and restraint, not engaged in intrigues and gossip, and respect of his colleagues, and all you get!