Watches that we choose


only way we tried to learn something about the other person, especially if he is important and dear to us for us ?!But psychologists are trying to help us in this by all means, spending all kinds of research and establishing the relationship between the characteristics of human behavior and traits of their character.

But it is true, the selection of clothes, mannerisms, gait, makeup and much more, driven by the needs of our nature, characteristics of education, attitude and so on. Here, for example, watches.It seems that the thing is so familiar to us that it is now extremely rarely meet someone without a watch at all.

And what is caused by the choice of hours - their shape, size, manufacturer, and other features?It appears, too, the personal characteristics of a person!Let's take a closer look, what time are our friends, colleagues, loved ones and compare what we know about them, with the conclusions of psychologists.So ...

- If your partner has an expensive watch, for example, gold or other we

ll-known companies, the elite and expensive, it means that he loves and knows how to work, and work it to their liking.This is a person organized and most likely in the selected field will achieve great success.

- Winner of fashionable watches are always elegant, flavorful, she likes to have everything in its place.

-.. The one who is strange hours, for example, with two dials, other devices, showing the phases of the moon, etc., set up a playful, easy to laugh, loves jokes.And while he is in no hurry to part with a certain childishness and immaturity.

- Those who choose chats using them also as ornaments (dials of these watches are built in pendants, charms, rings), like the people around them, new meetings and active communication.

- People who wear watches with Roman numerals, prefers classical music, good restaurants, quite conservative and careful in clothes.

- And those who choose clock marks instead of numbers, have a keen business mind, and not so easy to influence the beliefs of such people.

- People with a conventional digital clock - looking, artistic, always coming up with a new solution to an old problem, and they believe that on quick action more useful.

What, though, can be said about those who do walk without a clock?Psychologists say that they - lucky!Such people are easy-going, not lazy, can easily climb in the night to do some interesting work.Moreover, they are able to find the best solution to the problem, but not the fastest.