What not to say to women ?

difficult it is to start a conversation with a friend of a woman, especially if you like it.But nothing can be done, dialogue presupposes the existence of two participants.

However, do not despair: If you like you his friend, then she will help you and start a conversation, and make it lively.But be careful - there are things that a woman should not say never.However, if you want to achieve, that she had lost all interest to you and gone to never return, these phrases will help you achieve the desired.

- Do not compare it with a neighbor in the apartment, Venus de Milo, the beloved poet nanny Arina with Pope Carlo.In any case, she would be offended because women did not suffer comparisons.But the phrase, "You're absolutely anyone not like!" Your friend will accept as a compliment.

- «You're like, in a divorce?Or even Never Married? "- Do not try to ask these questions!Destroyed or the failed marriage - this topic is your companion is not exactly appreciate, especially if it is no longer twenty years.

Therefore, do not remind her of the trouble!

- «All my life I have bad luck!" - Do not try to arouse sympathy for the woman with the words.In her eyes, the loser - not the most attractive type of man.Moreover, it is alert and thoughtful, whether to continue with this type of knowledge.

- «You have to work out!Did not you go to a fitness club? "- So taking care of her health would be perceived very differently than you expect.For women, these words sound like a hint that she was too fat.

- «Before, I used to go here with my ex" - even if you have not kept the most pleasant memories of ex-girlfriend or wife, say nothing.Remember once and for all: not a word about his past romances!To pretend that they did not exist.If a woman is interested in you seriously, she will dig about your life is what you currently do not know!

- «You have a shoe size?? Forty-third "- well, why do you ask?In general, you should know that women are very sensitive to the figures.Many see the meaning of life is to make the waist is less than 2 cm, and chest - 5 cm longer.

- «I think I went through a bit" - not to touch, not to talk about it definitely should not be.Believe me, there is nothing more disgusting drooling, bursting with alcohol being.

- «Wow!You have torn tights! "- These words will sound not as interested in her legs!Not sypte insult to injury, it is already more than once told colleagues.

So what to talk with a woman?If she likes you, she will help you to be sure!Starting a conversation about the weather, asking a few questions about her affairs, then you will just have to listen carefully and demonstrate the unfading interest to every word!

So learn not only to speak but also to listen to - it is not clear how the ability to be more useful to you!