Gifts.Preparation and presentation of gifts .extension

Items not giving:

to present not suitable items that are associated with the disease, pharmaceutical supplies and medicines, as well as hygiene items.

Linen can give only to family members, or at least make such gifts to one another close friend.

The youth should think twice before you buy your girlfriend something from the wardrobe of things, especially if she lives in the family.

not advise women to give men tie - in such cases rarely oblige.

not always, by the way, will successfully present a picture or reproduction, especially if not precisely known degree of human addictions to such things.So bad if, once appearing with such a gift, the guest will not appear in this house - the birthday boy can with a clear conscience to lock him in the closet, but if this man - a frequent visitor to the house, raised the owner will be forced to hang a picture, which perhaps he didI do not like.

«Original" gifts such as tin lamp, which is usually the new owner finds solace in the attic, or fairground plast

er figurines can give only an amateur collectors.In all other cases, such a gift only takes up space.

most harmful gift to a woman - kitchen tools, utensils or even household appliances: unnecessarily remind her of the household chores.

not recommended to give items that were in your home, even brand new.After all, if such a thing is not useful to you, it can be useless for others.Of the things that were in use, suitable for gift only those that have antique value, and jewelry.A bag or an umbrella that you used, it is better to give a loved one without an excuse, if he needs it.The birthday gift giving even the most modest, but the new thing.

It is worth remembering that some items as gifts are sometimes associated with certain prejudices: handkerchiefs, allegedly, have to quarrel and tears, cloves do not bring happiness in love ...

According to the old Russian accept not accepted to give any knives orscissors, pins or, if you still accept from someone iron object, you need a little prick someone who gives his or pay for it some small coin.

sure sign to quarrel considered if people unknowingly exchange with each other to remember what some metal things - the way they disperse.It

and an unexpected gifts, finds treated with caution - "if you can find on the road a knife, do not raise it, or on it, and die", "if you dropped a coin - lift, and the rest lose.If you found a coin on the way - do not raise, if your just as quickly later. "

People have varying degrees of sensibility, and individuals such gifts can not bring pleasure.However, what you would at any cost, take any gift with a smile.