Traveling by train

If you have chosen for your trip long-distance trains, the knowledge of the rules of etiquette will help you feel comfortable and confident while traveling.Compliance with the rules of etiquette on vacation will save you and others a good mood and relative positions, which is very important for the rest.

Going to travel by train, you need to take luggage in a special luggage compartment, located at the far end of your sleeper.During the trip you will not have the possibility to take advantage of their suitcases.Therefore, everything that you might need on the road, should be left in the bag that you will take with you to the Coupe.If you can not afford to bring your luggage to the train, you can take advantage of the porter service.It should be tipped.

man or a younger age is included in the first car, to take a seat, put the luggage and help the woman or the older age get in the car.If a woman alone, without escort, male companion to help her duty to place heavy luggage.By the way, a woman should not

be embarrassed to ask for such a service.

mourners and passengers before the train does not have to stand in the doorway, preventing incoming.

conductor serving your compartment will tell you when the food will be served, bring bedding and, if necessary, help resolve issues.It should give a tip is.If the service provided is beyond the scope of his duties, as well as at the end of the journey.

Entering the coupe, made to welcome travelers, men remove headdress.If the road is far, it is possible to give his name.However, it is not necessary to your fellow travelers.Do this, basically, only in the case if there was a desire to continue the acquaintance.If you are traveling with friends, talk softly, discussing issues of interest to you.

with fellow travelers do not discuss life acquaintances.If, nevertheless, it comes to someone, it is called by name, without naming names, or you can change the name.It is possible that your partner and the one whom you negotiate, know each other well.Also, do not talk about personal matters, concerns and illnesses, brag.

Be tactful and unobtrusive in conversation: if the companions willing to support the conversation, it can be extended, if not - it is better to keep silent.If the interviewee begins to bore you, the best way to end the conversation - to delve into a book or newspaper.By the way, the reader is not very nice when the look in his newspaper or magazine, so decided just to ask to borrow the newspaper when it read.Polite people, noting that the companion is nothing to read, he can offer a newspaper or magazine.

Going on the road, you need to remember that you have to do without cutlery, so it is best at home all divided into portions to make it easier to eat.Do not take the road of perishable foods, food with a sharp and specific smell.Dim table napkins and eat carefully, trying not to stain anything.Uneaten food was removed in a bag.The table does not clutter up the personal items - he may need other passengers.

food residues (paper, cans and so on. D.) Throw in a special box at the end of the corridor.If not, the trash piled in a special package, which is then placed in a travel bag and thrown in a convenient location on arrival.

can invite a neighbor to share with you a meal.Polite refusal should not cause offense, but do not insist.Travel is not taken to treat lunch, but sweet tea made offer.

Smoking is possible in the car smoking on the platform, as well as in the restaurant car.The coupe can smoke only when the smoke and all passengers when smoking is allowed by the rules.

If you have a desire to socialize with fellow travelers, you can go to the dining car, which decided to hold a conversation, since the passengers are seated there, not individually but in groups.Rules are the same as for any table, but since the number of places is limited, you should leave as soon as there are only done if other customers are waiting for their turn.

In long-distance trains where there is no sleeping cars, passengers are not usually inclined to join in the conversation.The vast majority of reading newspapers or dozing.If you are traveling with someone or accidentally met a friend, try to speak softly, so as not to bother sitting next to you people.Notwithstanding the foregoing, sometimes in such trains tied friendships.

When you're busy with something or read a newspaper, is not widely arrange the elbows and keep the newspaper or a book closer.Polite people know how to fold the paper so that before their eyes were only two or three columns of text, they are currently reading.Impolite readers turn the pages so energetic and clumsy that hurt while sitting next passengers.In such situations, rather discourteous neighbor with the newspaper: - "Excuse me, but you did not leave me space.You would not be hard to hold the paper in front of him? ┬╗

sleeping cars dictate their rules of conduct.The lower space is usually inferior to women and the elderly.It should be noted that the elderly and infirm man have the same services as a woman.Day at the lower site has the right to sit and passenger from the top shelf.The climb should be used on the top shelf, lower than the neighbor settles in the morning to go down, when he stood up.Therefore, whoever takes the top shelf, the first is to wash in the evening and the last - in the morning.

If it is necessary, you need to allow other passengers to change clothes and freshen up.While preparing for bed, use the following principle: one by one out of the compartment into the corridor, usually first the men, then the women.Anyone who has sat on the bed - turns its face to the wall.

Remember the simple rules of etiquette:

- Do not take a long time the common table in the coupe.Other passengers it may also be necessary.Do not focus on how to eat the neighbor.This is a very indecent, not only in a train compartment, but also beyond.

- not to take to lay your bed when your neighbor is eating.This is not appropriate.We might get the impression a man that he's stopping you, and you customize it.

- Do not linger at the bottom, if your place on the top shelf.According to the rules of etiquette should go first to wash and get ready for bed one whose place at the top.

- Do not start to change in the presence of neighbors.Politely ask them to leave.

- Sitting on my shelf, it is considered polite not to put his feet on the opposite shelf, even if it za┬Čnimaet your friend or relative.

- Do not open the window without the agreement of all travel, as some of them may be sensitive to drafts.

- Do not get carried away with talk and do not take guests in its compartment.You therefore have shown disrespect to the neighbors in the compartment, which may want to sit in silence.Walk with your best friends in the restaurant car.

- Approaching destination on time give himself up and pick up the luggage.Leaving coupe, say goodbye to neighbors and wish them Godspeed.

- A man goes to a woman, the youngest age to seniors, to help him get out of the car.

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