Good manners (Part 2 )

Most often we deny others the pleasure of communicating with us because of their own bad habits.But from time to time, we may not realize it until ... until we can not point to it around, or until some unpleasant history does not force us to take carefully to their own manners.

order not to get into an awkward situation, it is better to remember some useful tips:

• Hands try to save alone, do not fumble constantly tie, buttons, sleeve partner

• exhibitions do not try to touch the works of art and other exhibits

•the woman it is advisable not to play his ring, a necklace, a lock bags, not to cheat on his finger a strand of hair

• not braid pigtails brush table cloth, let alone a cup, it does not ring.If you are so arranged that must necessarily something to occupy his hands, wear a jacket pocket a box of matches

• ugly turn his back to the other party, as well as anyone else standing nearby

• not fitting into society to scratch herself (inincluding ruffle the hair on the back of his head, tr

ying to concentrate)

• bad knuckles crunching or clicking them, continually something to sing (this habit is particularly annoying co-workers, not to mention the home)

• talking, try not to shrug.Sometimes people do not even realize how much this gesture may seem offensive to the interlocutor

• should not finish his statement laugh.This display produces a negative impression of nervousness, not to mention the frenetic fun after his own joke.There are people who, after every sentence uttered by them giggle for no reason, no reason at all.Watch yourself, if that happens, try to wean.

A few of the commandments, to keep in mind all the time.Impolite, and therefore ugly:

- point fingers, especially on human

- clean shoes on the leg trousers

- often to glance at the clock when talking with a guest with a man during a solemn session of the Presidium of the table.

- the door should always be closing "soft", even if we are in a hurry.No matter what is the door: at work, at home, at the store, in

car - door slamming in a quarrel not an argument, and unworthy of an aggressive attack.

The basis of all good manners for the care of that person does not interfere with a person all along feel good.We must be able to not interfere with each other.To bring up a need not so much the manner as that expressed in the manner: careful attitude to the world, to society, to nature, to its past.

No need to memorize hundreds of rules, it is better to remember one thing - the need to respect others.