Rules of etiquette happy family

Perhaps there are those who when reading the title, frowned: - "Well, where else to stay yourself and relax, but the house ?!" Unfortunately, many of us believe that the rules of etiquette - it is for the environment- in public, at work, in public places, and at home you can behave as you want, as I used to, in general, how they like.But there is a family etiquette is not in vain!Numerous studies of psychologists and sociologists say that following uncomplicated rules helps maintain and strengthen relationships within the family and not to give to family relations become a routine.

What are these rules?One, the most simple, but, nevertheless, not all comply with the rules - it always be beautiful and attractive for each other.Greasy robe, stretched sweatpants, shirts stale - in these clothes, many prefer to stay at home, arguing that because it suits them and not for someone to dress up.

Family rules of etiquette say that bathrobe, pajamas, nightgowns - in order to go to the bathroom and back.And for

the house of a man and woman should be a separate clothes - clean, neat, comfortable, and beautiful.Do not continue wearing things at home that you are small, lost trade dress, faded or torn, just because you feel sorry for them to throw.Such clothing will not create you a good mood and, of course, will not please the eyes of your husband or wife.And, besides, you can always go to someone with a casual visit, and negligence of your clothes will create a certain awkwardness.That is, according to etiquette, be well dressed and neat in any place and at any time, not excluding his own house, is a manifestation of respect for those who are close to you.

In addition, women would do well to think about this: during the working day, on the streets of the husband sees smart, beautifully dressed, expertly made-up women.After all, you are going to work or to meet with friends, visit, theater, too, thinking about what to wear, what hairstyle to do - that is, how to look your best.

But home man watching a very different picture.In a short time the girl that he liked so much, and their appearance, too, turns into a disheveled, quite uninteresting, sometimes sloppy woman.That is, the view of your home wife is so very different for the worse, and from the previous image, and from all that man sees during the day, sooner or later, it can be dangerous for you and seriously affect family relationships.But all the above applies to men, too, because his wife is hardly pleased to see her husband in old pants and shirt, unshaven, in worn sneakers.

clear that living conditions often make it impossible to retire, but, nevertheless, the rules of etiquette family strongly advises women not to engage in hair and makeup, masks and other treatments to care for themselves in the presence of men.Suppose that for him all the female tricks secrets remain feminine charm.

woman should take into account the views and preferences of her husband, creating your wardrobe and appearance at all, but a man must see it, evaluate and make a compliment on the occasion of the new attire, hairstyles and so forth.

But the rules of family etiquette apply not only to the appearanceperhaps, in the main building of a happy family - is the ability to build a dialogue.Once Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the question of what qualities must have a girl to be happy in marriage, wrote and deciphered as: "Beauty - 0, household skills - 0, education - 0, um - 0, social position - 0money - 0, goodness of heart - 1. heart goodness - quality is definitely a positive and fundamental and vse6 rest themselves - only zeros.But if excess warmth, she still has at least one of these qualities, the zero next to you can put the unit, and will have 10. Another quality is another zero - and get a hundred.And so on ... It is possible to gain a large amount of points, but without kindness at all does not work out anything. "

loving kindness, politeness, participation, attention - is the foundation of prosperous family relations.Each family member has to respond to the request to him: do the dishes, bring the heavy bag, cleaning up, etc. But also the request must be delivered in a polite manner, and not to be a reproach, hail, severe displeasure..

tell each other nice words do not be stingy with compliments and affection.And the flowers, gifts husband can give his wife not twice a year - 8 March, and on the day of birth, but on other days too!It does not matter, will be a luxurious bouquet or a single flower, expensive perfume or just brought a candy cane work, believe me, the mood will be a beautiful woman.

Sometimes male chivalry, courtesy perceive, almost as a sign that the husband - "henpecked"!But if you only knew how often it is said because of the usual envy, men are jealous, because they themselves do not know how, and the women - one wife, which is so lucky to have a husband.

It's so easy to comply with the generally accepted rules of politeness, not only at work or in the community, at home, in relation to his wife to miss the first through the door, take a heavy bag from his hands, apply a coat, praise dinner, kiss, going to work and returning home.

probably not difficult to be interested in the affairs of his wife, to make her small presents, do not go in underwear around the house, do not read the newspaper at the table, not to leave his wife unattended, taking care in her presence for alien women to respond to her requests andassist in the affairs and concerns?

But polite wife should not put things in order at its discretion in the personal belongings of her husband, to check his phone and his pockets, and did not pick off visiting her husband, not to doubt his competence to criticize in the presence of strangers and children.Similarly, a man worth talking compliments, follow his advice, not to invite to the house of her husband unpleasant people.Do not compare her husband with other men or to his predecessor in the case of remarriage, to command them in public, touching his pride and dignity.

It is a snap to provide small tokens in relation to each other: in the morning to say hello, say thank you, to serve tea, push chair, turn on the TV, etc. And in the morning, no cursing, to help prepare breakfast and smile at each other.!

In such a family and children unconsciously imitate their parents, do not hesitate to display good feelings.But parents, respecting the right of their children to personal things, secrets, should not touch personal belongings, diaries, correspondence, phones without their consent.

course, and to communicate with loved ones need to pay attention to what and how you say it.Even in a joking manner it is not necessary to use harsh words, and words that might seem offensive.After all, what you think nonsense, trifle, it can hurt injure a person, and the reaction to his remarks can be expected.

All these simple rules of etiquette family could be reduced to a very simple: respect each other, be kind to one another, and tolerant.And then everything will always be well in your family!