Elegant man

Elegant man!How do you want to see my husband always like this.But it happens that, like, clothes and expensive and tidy everything, but - does not look and that's it!Something is missing, and what is difficult to understand.So what's the deal?

Men often wear suits (including "Three"), as they say, "and in the feast, and in the world, and good people."However, not always and not at all suit it looks elegant.The most common flaws here are related to the inability to adjust on its own long trousers and sleeves - they are often too long or too short, and distorting the proportions of the figure, gait.

happens that innate male "thoroughness" effect and in a tightly buttoned jacket (once sewn all the buttons, then it is necessary to fasten all three!) And too tight tie under tight collar.Naturally, once it lost lightness, grace even the most elegant suit.

Often color shirt, tie, socks and shoes selected without system, without relation to the situation, mood, sometimes age solidity.Suddenly you see yellow

shoes with thick soles, combined with a black suit, white shirt, tie strict.A plump man, as it were folded back, thus further bulging belly and ugly retracted or elbows to the sides.Again, we must remember and of posture, gait.

How does a man with elegant hand?Posture - shoulders straight, slightly directed (by feeling) forward, stomach in, back and neck straight and chin slightly lowered, arms slightly bent at the elbows.This collar will not move backward, dragging and shoulders, and the floor of his jacket.

Gait - solid, full-foot, with the obligatory straightening the knees with each step.Feet and knees should be strictly parallel and are not deployed and widely spaced apart.Hands barely noticeable (not wide sport strokes) help the rhythm of walking.Pants should be no longer than mid-backs of shoes.

Gestures - moderate, restrained, when dealing with zhenschi┬Čnami better to avoid active gestures.Never and no one should be answered over his shoulder before you say something, you should turn to the person and look him in the face, in conversation with women made slightly tilted her head to him.

Poses - naturally tightened, not relaxed.Sitting, legs should be put in parallel, without pushing them too far.During the meeting in the presence of women is not necessary to throw his legs.Sitting down, you need to unbutton his jacket, and stood up to greet someone, fasten it to one button.While talking, you can not keep your hands (either one or both) in their pockets.You must train yourself to calm the natural position of the hands, to disappear youthful painful feeling when you do not know what to do with his hands.

ons - they picked the suit (this is the easiest way) on the principle of uniformity:

- a gray, gray-blue.blue - white, light gray, light blue shirt, plain or with fine stripe, a thin fiber of

- in brown, beige, terracotta - white, beige, cream, gray-pink: the black - white only.

Tie selected as appropriate, temperament and age.In order not to miss, better to prefer a modest tie, muted colors in a fine pattern.

necessary to monitor the situation of a tie to the ends do not diverge.Many men use for this special pins, but, unfortunately, often clumsy, flashy, vulgar.Meanwhile, on the wrong side of the wide end is often sewn ribbon-label, under which you can push through the narrow end, and a pin (very easy) to attach it to the edge of his shirt.

tie should be long to reach the waist of trousers.In a relaxed atmosphere, you can tie a little lower and unbutton the collar button to feel freer.The shirt without a tie should not fasten all the buttons - one - the top two should be left not fastened.

Shoes with a dark suit - black or dark brown, and only with a light - colored (beige, gray, white, reddish-brown).Unacceptable Relations heels, not polished shoes.Clean shoes need when you shoot it, but not before putting on - creams have a smell, and it takes time, so it weathered.And, leaving only sprucing dry brush.

Socks should be long, tense (strictly by the size of the feet), dark or very light (gray, beige, cream and white).

cologne, eau de toilette, and other odorous liquid should be used sparingly.Sometimes, for a man is enough subtle odor deodorant, shaving paste, good soap, consumed on a daily basis, rather than to a special occasion.