Elegant woman

Women's elegance - a great art.Elegantly - it is not just a synonym for "beautiful".Elegantly - so beautiful, but with a sense of proportion and in accordance with the figure, taking into account the time and place, in accordance with age.Grain elegance - individuality, because the clothes should be merged in indissoluble unity with the man, his manners, posture, gait, gestures, postures.Elegance is not easy to achieve, but the work of observation, some effort will certainly yield results.

There is a kind of apparel, which allows to achieve the most simple means of elegance.This is a suit - female and male.Women's suit, jacket with lining and skirt or trousers - versatile clothing business, everyday nature, easily convertible into a formally-festive.It is worn in the room, and in warm weather in the street.The most convenient option - a suit made of smooth, monochromatic fabric.But look great tweed suits with fine weaves of colored thread.

But plaid fabric makes suit more casually and sports (unless,

of course, did not have in mind the classic options suits "Chanel" - is a special style, a special conversation about it).Solid suit allows a greater number of combination options with additions and, consequently, greater individualization.

Additions to the suit (of course, as appropriate) should be selected depending on the nature of the warehouse: for flirtatious fun cheerful women need to choose less frills, flounces, printed colorful patterns on blouses and scarves, shawls.A reserved, prone to isolation, even the rigors of women fit the soft, rounded collar, lively contrasts of light and bright colors, fine wrinkles or ruffles on blouses, colored tights, light gloves, elegant shoes.

How looks the part of an elegant woman?Posture - gently lowered shoulders, straight, but not the "wood" back slightly drawn stomach, feeling "podobranny", straight in the knees, but without tension, legs with parallel standing feet, slightly bent at the elbows and raised, but not"Zadran 'chin up.

In this posture jacket is no need to fasten all the buttons, it will easily and naturally sit on the shoulders, regardless of its breed - direct, semi- or substantially close fitting.Medium length or shorter (if any completeness figure) jacket is always more elegant than long, which is usually only a tall woman.

Gait - easy to move should feet, not his head, thighs, arms.At each step, your knees should be straightened completely, you need to walk a full foot, not the seed to "tiptoe" and stamping his heels, regardless of high or low-heeled shoes your shoes.Easy walking, correct posture create an impression of harmony and good growth regardless of the actual physical human data.

Gestures - avaricious, not sweeping, definite: light nod of the head (approval), not sharp stroke of the brush (instead of the entire hand) in addition to the above, no sharp turn heads when referring to someone or in response to an appeal to you.To do this, and clothes should be comfortable - the sleeves no longer than the wrist, collar (ribbon, scarf) does not contract the neck and drives off the side while turning the head.

Poses - naturally.Standing, you can slightly bend one leg at the knee, a bit put it forward or backward to set aside.If the skirt extended or sufficiently covers the knees, legs and can cross, drawing on the toes of one of them: sitting (in transport or where people passing by), you need to put the legs in parallel, without pushing the knees, even if you are wearing pants.

his legs crossed is permissible in the event that it does not interfere with other people, if not worth the interlocutor (even more so - the interlocutor) in front of you, if not cut on the skirt makes you do, the matter is correct.Obese women should avoid this pose as the skirt slightly open is not the prettiest part of the leg.Do not also put his hands under the breasts, bulging at the same time to maintain the stomach.

manners should not be provocative.Talking does not exaggerate facial expressions, do not laugh too loudly.In short, do not do anything too, too, be natural and not let in on a boring feigned indifference to everything and everyone.

What relation to elegance is all of the above?The most direct - elegance can not be achieved without appeal, without human charm.

Of course, all of these recommendations are addressed to adult women of all ages, that is characterized by the elegance of appearance of adults with established skills and assessments of life events.In young girls a different style, which means that other criteria.