Rules of conduct in the bus journey

If you decide to spend your summer vacation in a bus tour, you do not interfere to brush up on the rules of etiquette for such a trip.Compliance with the rules of etiquette will allow you to honorably get out of difficult situations and feel comfortable and confident in any situation.

How to behave in a bus journey in accordance with the rules of etiquette?

- During large spans the bus makes a technical stop every 4 hours.

- The main tourist luggage shall in the luggage compartment, located at the bottom of the bus.Things you need on the road, the passenger takes the bus to the center and a luggage rack or under the seat.

- The top shelf in the cabin is intended only for small things and knigb heavy objects is strictly forbidden to put the top in order to avoid accidents.

- Traveling by bus, should follow the same rules of conduct that in a long distance train.Despite the fact that during the long hours you'll be sitting side by side with a neighbor, you do not have to all the time to talk with him

, unless he or she is not interested in your opinion, the debate on the range of issues.

- The bus is equipped with composting toilets, which is limited by the capacity (20 liters).Therefore, it is only for emergencies, it is not always possible to immediately focus on high-speed roads.If you use composting toilets, do not forget to leave it behind clean.While parking we recommend using a fixed toilets.

- seats in the bus are numbered, and the chair that you occupy, is considered your journey to the end.If one of the passengers took your place, you should politely tell him: "Excuse me, perhaps you mistakenly take my place."

- If you sit by the window and during a stop in the way, you will want to leave some exercise, you need to apologize for the trouble the neighbor and ask for permission to pass.

- bus chairs recline.During parking seats should be returned to its original position.

- buses are usually equipped with boilers or electric kettle, is limited capacity.Therefore, for large crossings can brew coffee or tea 1-2 times a day.For those who like to drink tea (coffee) in larger amounts or willing to make soup in a way, it is recommended to bring along a thermos.

- If you took with them on a journey something to eat, you do not have to offer it to his neighbor, but it is necessary to clean up after themselves without fail.Remember, and that your companion can be unpleasant pungent smell of food, and try not to take the road dishes that can spill or all of the soil all over.

- Listening to the radio or a tape recorder, use headphones so as not to annoy the other passengers.

In addition, you must remember that the bus is strictly prohibited:

• distract the driver while driving

• to stand in the aisles during movement

• put in the aisles things

• put on the top shelf of heavy objects

• smoke in the cabin and the toilet

• throw rubbish into the toilet and a washstand.

get off the bus, turn around and make sure that the next person behind you does not need help.