Behavior at the restaurant

Many holidays, and just the possible meeting dates, business meetings are held frequently in restaurants.How to behave correctly in the restaurant to make a favorable impression, tell the rules of restaurant etiquette.

If you decide to go to a restaurant, it is better to make their choice, because when choosing a restaurant you need to take into account the tastes and preferences of your companions, as well as compliance with the conditions of your diet guests.

you will feel very uncomfortable, if you invite someone to a seafood restaurant and then find out that your guest does not eat fish.To avoid this, check with your companion about his limitations in food, as well as specify the type of restaurant he prefers.This can be a restaurant with national cuisine (French, Greek, Chinese, Portuguese) and a restaurant specializing in any kind of food (fish, meat dishes).

It is not only food, but the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.If your companion - a man aged, he may not like loud music, noise and g

eneral merriment.

In any case, think of the fact whether the restaurant, where you invite your guests the impression that you want to leave itself.

restaurant Location is also important.However, if you chose the rustic restaurant, think about how you and your guest will get there and come back.

Well, if you yourself have already been to the restaurant, which invites guests.In this case, you have a view of the kitchen and be able to advise any dish, not only relying on the opinion of the waiter.

Many restaurants require advance to reserve a place, especially if it is a well-known restaurant, and you are going to visit him on weekends.You will find yourself in an unpleasant situation by inviting a friend to ta¬koy restaurant and knew then that there is no vacant seats.If you or your guests are going to the restaurant by car - to agree in advance on the parking lot.Many restaurants have their own parking space, and the need to inform the number of your car and the car of your guests.

one who invites to the restaurant comes a little earlier and is awaiting a guest at the table.If it happened that you have come at the appointed time, and the person who invited you yet, you can go to the table and order, for example, mineral water, juice.Invited, but came too late, is obliged to apologize and explain the reason for his delay.It should be good.

Some girls and women prefer to meet in the street, not wanting to go to a restaurant alone.It is their right.You can agree with them about the meeting on the street, especially if the restaurant is hard to find, or a closed club restaurant.

When the restaurant ordered a group who came in time expect the rest of about 15 minutes, then go to the table.Latecomers may join them, after apologizing.

to restaurant should be dressed appropriately.It is not recommended to visit the restaurants in the sports or working clothes.

Before you go to the restaurant hall, you leave the outer clothing in the cloakroom.After the man helped the woman to undress, he takes off his coat.Leaving the restaurant, the man also first help to dress a woman, and then takes the cloakroom his coat.In the wardrobe leave umbrellas, shopping, bags, briefcases.

About mirror in front of the hall of the restaurant or cafe nedopusti¬mo comb, tinted, to tie a tie - you should do it in the toilet.You can only fix her hair or clothing.

in a cafe or bistro wardrobe may not be available, then the garments are hung on hangers placed inside the hall.In some cafes allowed to visitors sat in street clothes.

The restaurants are not made to sit down to the table, which was already someone sitting.In cafes and even more so in the bistro is perfectly acceptable, but you must first obtain the consent of sitting at a table.

tactless long time to study the menu, loud comment on the prices of food and calculate the cost before ordering lunch or dinner.

For large receptions at the entrance to the hall is necessary to put the seating chart indicating the names of the guests, and on the table in front of each sitting to put the card with the name.

If you met a friend at a restaurant, greet him with a smile and a nod, not rising.If your friend had stopped to exchange a few words with all of you, to represent his companions do not need.Approached a slight inclination of the head greets sitting at a table that meet him the same.Such conversations should be brief.But if you turn to the passing, you have to get up.

If conversation with randomly encountered in a restaurant or cafe familiar delayed, the more correct will invite him to his table and apologized to his companions, to continue to move the conversation to his desk.

restaurant menu is of two types: custom, when the visitor is given a choice, and complex.The comprehensive menu is usually given a choice of two or three options, including a variety of dishes.The good restaurants necessarily have a customized menu.

Usually waiters in the restaurant offers a menu of all present.If a table is necessary only one card-menu, it is first offered to women.

If the restaurant business dinner men, the first orders was invited.

initiator invitations can be ordered at all any dish.

In some expensive restaurants at all price can not be indicated, in other - only to indicate a particular specialty.

If you want to leave before the end of the celebration, it should be done discreetly as possible, without attracting the attention of those present simply just a person who invited you comes out from behind the table where there are other people who wish them bon appetit and say goodbye.This, of course, does not apply to large receptions, from which you need to leave earlier than the time - there are enough excuses, just to say goodbye to the neighbors.

carries with it the remnants of the food of the restaurant (fruits, sweets, cakes, etc.) Or unfinished wine should not be.

Wanting to support table talk, in any case should not be a long time to talk, without giving the other party, insert the word.

In a conversation in the community is recommended to exercise restraint, not to get involved in the discussion of issues relating to only you and your companion, or understood only by the two of you, brag, talk about diseases, whispering.If you want to say what can not be spoken aloud, it is better to leave it to a more suitable environment.

tactless to interrupt the interlocutor.It is impolite to speak disrespectfully about the chief or hostile talk about their friends, relatives.

impolite also meet to address you briefly a man, casually, without looking at him.

tactless to make comments out loud about the manners and toilet present.

the table should not be talking to the office or intimate topics, discuss the personal lives of your friends or colleagues.

When talking with a person who is not a close friend or relative, indecently touching his interlocutor, put a hand on his knee or shoulder to attract attention.

indecent yawn in society.If you can not resist, it is necessary to do so imperceptibly.

Cough, sneeze, blow your nose, cough should be possible to quickly, closing the mouth and nose with a handkerchief, which must always be immaculately clean, and only in extreme cases, by hand.

should behave modestly and discreetly, but at the same time quite freely and naturally.

Inviting a woman or girl to dance, to be slightly bowed and said: - "May I invite you?".If it sits in a society man (mother), you have to ask permission from the man (the mother).In case of cancellation is not necessary to persuade a woman, much less drag arm.Nor can express their dissatisfaction with the failure.It is calm, showing no embarrassment or annoyance, bowing to depart.It can be said at this: - "I'm sorry."

Previously a prerequisite inviting ladies to dance resolution was her companion.Now it is not necessary.Therefore, you can simply bowing to both invite lady.After obtaining the consent of the man seems to be if he is unfamiliar with the lady.After the dance, he accompanies his partner in place, thanks to its slightly bows.

impolite, abandoning the dance immediately accept the invitation of another for the same dance.If you really want to dance with this man, it is desirable to ask him to wait until the next dance.

Do not invite constantly the same women who had come with another companion.

dance should be calm, with a smile, stand up straight, do not make jerky movements.Keep lady should be tight, but do not cuddle, the right hand should be slightly above the waist partner, the fingers should not push.Ugly waving his left hand.When two pairs are always apologizing man.

initiative to leave the restaurant should come from inviting.In some cases, a guest (guest) may be excused to say to him (her) to go.Considering this point, the sponsor should not delay the meeting, and its companion or companion should be given enough time to visit the restaurant.

Getting up from the table, the chair should not be left relegated.The man gets up and he helps a woman get up, pushing back her chair.Then he pulls a chair as his companion at the table.

in the lobby of the restaurant a man helps a woman get dressed and escorted home.

parting, the man thanked the woman (owner - guests) for a nice evening spent.