National characteristics of etiquette in Italy.

Italians considered to be merry and cheerful.They are very inquisitive by nature and show great interest in other people's customs.They love to read and listen to stories about the lives of other people and often go on holiday abroad, in order once again to make sure that they already know: their own country - the best in the world, because it has everything necessary for life: the sun, wine, food and football.

Italians are very fond of their homes and hardly break away from them.In most of the regions have their own local dialect, is significantly different from the Italian and the structural and lexical.Residents of Italy in the first place they find themselves and each other by the Romans, the Milanese, Sicilians or Florentines, and then the Italians."Where are you from?" - For the Italian is not an idle question, it requires a thorough answer.The Italian knows exactly where he came from.

Italians - very educated people with good manners.The words "thank you", "please" can be heard in Italy at ever

y step.Of great importance they attach to the greetings, which are always accompanied by handshakes and kisses.Thus they express the elation when meeting friends, even if parted from them recently.

Italian certainly kiss you on both cheeks, and in men it is also accepted.A handshake has a certain character: it shows that the hands that extend to each other, unarmed.

At a meeting with friends in Italy decided first to ask about the health of children, and then their health.Italians are very friendly, they often call each other "my dear, dear" and "my dear, dear," even when a nodding acquaintance.

word "ciao" in Italy is a universal form, as a greeting or farewell.Unfamiliar called "sir" and "Signor".The woman says, "Signor," even if in fact it is "Signorina" (unmarried).

When communicating very often use professional titles."Doctor" - not necessarily a doctor, any person with a higher education, "professors" referred to all teachers, not just university professors, "the maestro" - styled not only conductors and composers, but also people of other professions, even swimming coach, "engineer" - a very honorable title, reflecting the high status people with engineering backgrounds.

Italians do not often say "sorry" if they do not feel for a fault, then apologize for nothing.

In Italy, punctuality is not considered mandatory quality, and time is always called about.It's not that late in Italy welcomed, but, in any case, they are tolerable.Permissibly considered late by 15 minutes and half an hour late already unacceptable.

A lot of Italians are paying attention to their appearance.Italians always notice how others are dressed, especially foreigners (according to them, all of them dressed badly).

Italians - people are generous, but their generosity should be treated with caution, since no one gift is not made in Italy without intent.Life and Italian authorities are based on a system of gifts and services.If you have made a gift of the Italian, it means that you will have to repay the donor of some service.Therefore, if an Italian threw another to the station or to arrange for a good optometrist, sooner or later he will demand compensation.

features Italian cuisine

Italians love to eat, especially eating in the company of their relatives, friends and acquaintances.The enthusiasm of Italians knows no boundaries when it comes to device sharing a meal.First go "snacks", as a rule, not less than five, then the first dish - a wide selection of pasta and rice dishes, then the second dish - meat or fish with a side dish of vegetables, then cheese and finally the dessert, which completes the coffee "zspresso".

meal can last from two to five hours.After dinner, the Italians do not mind to take a nap for an hour or two to recover before dinner.

In Italy, each season has its own specialties.So, at the end of the summer the whole family Italians prepare tomato sauce, go for mushrooms in September, in October the grapes harvested in March - dandelion leaves, which give a unique flavor of green salad.Italian cuisine The secret is not just in the fact that the ingredients are fresh and high quality, but also that all the Italians, both women and men - excellent cooks.Cooking, they learn from childhood.

Italians occupy one of the first places in the world for whiskey consumption - in Italian bars usually range of whiskeys are richer than in Scottish pubs.Among young people increasing popularity of beer, especially strong, imported.But that Italian blood, so this wine.

There just are no wines in Italy: from dark red, foamy, to white, sparkling.Italians usually drink wine of local production and the fact that the best Italian wines are almost unknown abroad, it allows us to keep prices at a reasonable level.The wine selection unusually wide, and each has its own special flavor and aroma.

Drink Italians only for food, but that does not mean that they limit themselves.Food is preceded by an aperitif, to each dish put his wine, and for dessert - champagne.