In the shop

¬ęThe buyer and the seller!Be mutually polite! "- This sacramental phrase would make sense to accompany each opening automatic doors in the shops.But, alas, very often we are faced with outright hostility, representatives of the two camps - consumer and trade.

Buyer should be aware that all self-service shops are equipped with video cameras, through which specially trained people are watching you.If someone's behavior seems suspicious to them, then they come and ask the person to present the contents of the pockets.

You have the right to refuse to do it.Store Security has no right to use force against you, but is obliged to call the store representative government.That it something you can not deny the right to inspect you.In any case, the protection is meaningless to argue or bicker, even if it wrong three times.

seller must be friendly and offer customers see a particular product, to talk about its merits.The buyer, in turn, is obliged to maintain civility and either accept the dealer's, or politely

decline them.

If retribution on hand supermarket you have found a shortage of cash, then there is no shame (to blame the price).You just have to give up some purchases or postpone the selected items and go for the money.If the total amount seemed excessive to you, then step aside and patiently check the check.We can all make mistakes, and the car - the more.

contact the seller should be solely on "you", lordly poking inadmissible regardless of whether you like local service or not.In the everyday life of all Russian merchants younger middle-aged decided to call "the girls" for older women can be addressed simply to "you."If so you need to personalize the treatment, then look at the uniforms Seller: very often it pinned badge (label) with the name and surname.

Remember that the store you do not have to buy anything, and you can restrict inspection, but it is not necessary to build from a fastidious buyer, clocks engaged fitting and go, so anything and not buying.

Tipping employees supermarkets to give is not accepted.