The Last Kiss of Mary Pickford

Transformation Mary Smith

Mr. David Belasco was one of the most famous people in the theater world of New York City.He has produced large-scale projects, wrote plays, staged performances and engaged in their own theater scenography.From it came the charismatic power of the audience thought he was a genius.

Miss Mary Smith was one of the many young actresses who wanted to achieve fame.She first appeared on stage at age eight.Recently, she was fifteen.She played the role of innocent children and to seek his fortune on Broadway.

It was easier to meet with the president of America, than with David Belasco.He denied to almost all.But Mary was one of those girls who achieve their goals.When it appeared before the young lady, he was a glance to understand that because of this girl with huge, expressive eyes and golden curls can get a good judge.

The contract was signed in the autumn of 1907.In winter, she played the role of Betty Warren in the play by William DeMille "The Warrens of Virginia."

In the foyer of the theater "Republic" is entered as Mary Smith, and went as Mary Pickford.For theatrical career were needed not only expressive external data and talent, but also a resounding name.The well-known producer and director know about it better than others.

Hope & Faith

been two years.In seventeen years in New York, even in the theater Belasco play innocent children it was too late, experienced lovers - early.And Mary was in despair.The need led her to the movies.Theater actor paid little.In a rapidly developing film industry could earn $ 5 a day.However, it could hurt the artist name - movies were considered a low art form.But Mary has decided to take a chance and was not mistaken.

David Belasco made her a good stage actress.David Griffith - the queen of silent cinema.In 1912, it already knew all of America.Mary did manage equally well the role of adolescent girls and women perverse.The fact that it was impossible to play in the theater, you can play the movie.

Mary was happy.She began to learn on the street.She won the hearts of ordinary Americans.She began to pay 175 dollars a week.In those days it was a lot of money.


law they met by chance at a party and pulled together.They began dating and soon became lovers.They kissed and hugged in a secluded place, carefully hiding their relationship.Mary was a national symbol of America, its myth and legend.American legend that time ordered to be virtuous.Douglas, in the opinion of the audience, had in life match the ideal image of a scout, he embodied on the screen.

He was married, she - married.From reputation depended both career - fame, success, money.But rumors have been impossible to hide the actor's environment - in Hollywood, everyone knew about everything and everyone.Only the husband of Mary Owen Moore Douglas and wife Beth Fernbeks were in the dark.As you know, husbands and wives learn the latest truth, even at the Dream Factory.

When rumors came to Beth, she decided to talk to her husband.Douglas denied everything.Naturally, it has strengthened suspicions Beth.But she still continued to believe that before the divorce case will not come.When word finally reached the ears of Owen, he told Mary that he wanted to know the truth.She did not hide the truth.As Moore began to speak offended manhood.Trying to bring back his wife, he went to the wrong step and made a statement to the press.Roman crossed the border of Hollywood.Beth could not stand first and filed for divorce on Oct. 22, 1918.Mary divorced Owen March 2, 1920-th.

to stay the Mary Pickford, which it was in the eyes of millions of Americans, she assured reporters that never married will not work.On March 28 the modest celebration - Mary Pickford became the wife of Douglas Fernbeksa.Now she could kiss him legally.

Life as a Fairy Tale

They were beautiful and young.They have long since conquered the world and was the most famous couple in Hollywood.At the wedding of Mary Douglas presented the house on the hill, covered with tiles and topped with a turret.Views of Benedict Canyon.Their possessions were 18 acres of land.In the distance, a transparent, bathed in the blue of the sky merged with the ocean edge.In his free time, both canoeing or making the rounds of the estate on horseback.The shady groves were carried out foxes and coyotes.In ponds, lazily flapping their fins, swimming fish.The garden fountains.15 servants were engaged in farming: cleaned the stables, followed the house served many guests.

Mary and Douglas hosted Duke Sazerlendskogo and Albert Einstein, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Franz Chrysler Lord Mauntbenttena and Scott Fitzgerald.They were friends with Charlie Chaplin, Bernard Shaw and the Duke of Alba.Guests are served delicious meals on the dishes of pure gold.Drove in your own gym and Turkish baths.It shows how to make movies.

Life was like a fairy tale.Tale lasted until 1932.This year in London Douglas carried away Fernbeks Lady Sylvia Ashley.Sylvia was still 26, 39. Marriage Mary already has cracked, and then began to crumble before our eyes.To fill the void, Mary decided to bring to her a long time already coming down on it with the mind of the actor Buddy Rogers.Buddy was younger than her twelve years.

Last Kiss

entering the critical age, Mary was looking for a recipe extension of youth - she found him in the arms of Buddy.He darted between film, stage and jazz, but nowhere to be successful.The only success it now has become a marriage to Mary Pickford.For millions of Americans, it was the goddess, for him - his wife.

However, Mary is not only experienced age crisis.In 1927, the movie began a new era - the era of sound.Many stars of silent cinema a new era was not accepted.Among them was Pickford.In 1929, she starred in the sound film "Coquette", who enjoyed success with the audience, but was well aware that her time is up.

She began to seek a way out, and found it in alcohol.Earlier in the society, it was considered moderate drinking women, now everyone knew about her immoderate fondness for whiskey.She deeply experienced the death of his mother - the alcohol helped to reconcile with the loss.Sound movie knocked her out of the cage star - alcohol made it possible to come to terms with the inevitable.

Shortly before the wedding with Rogers, she said that is not going to no longer appear on the screen or on the stage.You can be happy in private life.But Mary Pickford could not sit idly by.She began writing for "New York Journal".Advertising cosmetics.And in 1949 with Buddy and Malcolm Boyd created a broadcasting company "Pickford - Roger - Boyd."

She was still trying to play the queen, but the role of the queen, deprived of the throne, turns out badly.The world has changed beyond recognition.Americans worship other idols.Old friends, with whom she began her path to the cinema, died.New - treated her not as a person, but as a living legend.Unrestrained Mary struggled with herself, trying to tame the passions.

last kiss she gave away to his cousin John Metli, which took care of all the past years.In the distant twenties of her on-screen kiss was paid one million dollars a year.

In 1979, Buddy Rogers held his wife in his last journey.Life with Buddy lasted a little more than forty years.