Three life of Edith Piaf

"She lived each day as if tomorrow was supposed to die. Even in a small, simple pleasures she wanted to enjoy to the end, to exhaust all to the limit" ...

These words, spoken by someone from friends in 1963year at the funeral "sparrow of Paris", the unforgettable Edith Piaf, from childhood marked by a special stamp, could not be better characterize it a broken and passionate nature.The ancient Roman principle of "all or nothing" she hardly knew (because generally with the formation of the French diva was bad, and in her youth she did not even know how to read or write), but always lived this way: to aortic rupture.

Crazy love history, the death of her lover, drugs ... One of her biographers, not too lazy to count all the trials that befell the renowned singer's four car accident, four courses of detoxification, three hepatic coma, attempted suicide, two-week dizziness, seven operations,two bronhopnevmnonii and the end of life - cancer, which she did not recognize.The list is impressive, indicating th

at it was hidden in the soul of many injuries and wounds.Edith Piaf darling of destiny can not be called, and her childhood can not be dubbed happy infancy prodigy.

Life future celebrity began literally on the street.19 December chilly night in Paris in 1915 patrolling police picked up on the sidewalk woman in childbirth.No, she was not homeless skitalitsey, she was a second-rate actress, and even sonorous pseudonym she had - Lina Marcia.So the street - it was an accident.Legal Lina's husband, Louis Gassion acrobat when he saw that his wife begin the fight, ran for a taxi and arrived in time ... newborn named Edith.Soon the girl was on the education of parents, Lina.

-alcoholic grandmother, child poivshaya mixture of water and wine, could hardly be considered a good nanny.Returning from the war acrobat learned that his wife had left him, a daughter living in appalling conditions.It was then frightened father and brought the girl to his mother in Normandy.The second grandmother Edith worked as a cook in a brothel, but this is something just okay nothing: a girl surrounded with care and attention, the girls indulged her as best they could.Worse was different: it soon turned out that the girl is blind - cataracts overlooked.

And here is something really incredible and wonderful.As you know, the baby's grandmother drove blind in Lisieux - pray to St. Teresa Minor.And with them went the road of the Norman prostitutes brothel.Their hot pleas touched a tender heart saint - Girl sight.She was six years old.

Then there was many things: an abandoned school, singing in the streets and squares - the father entertained a respectable audience antics and jumping, and the girl was singing.According to the testimony of his father, a sip of her was "completely tinned", Edith did not know fatigue.Yes, all the same street, heard the first cry of a newborn, later became her home - a small singer earned here on a piece of bread as long as it did not find the owner of a famous cabaret "Juan les Pins".Seventeen Edith had already buried the little daughter, lost in the chaos of the bohemian life, does not shun prostitution and madly wanted glory.She told his sister: "That mark my words - we will be rich very rich We will have a white car and a black chauffeur - Ebony ...!!"

These unsophisticated dream come true.Talent "Baby Piaf" was seen at once.Edith received for speaking decent money and could afford a lot, but "allowed", as a rule, is always the same.Noisy dining with fans, among whom were the pimps from Place Pigalle, the sailors, the soldiers settled down ... she could not.However, soon the very fate pushed her to serious work.The owner of "Juan les Pins" was mysteriously murdered and Piaf had to start from scratch.

in her life had a new lover - Raymond Asso, who was able to create idols for the general public.It seriously bothered Edith career, taught her to behave well, to take its form and stage manner.But, among other things, he wrote a song for her and found her to a composer - Marguerite Mono.

the first time the singer performed at the stage of the famous Parisian music hall ABC.At this time, not a "baby" out of the question: has performed a real star of Edith Piaf.And a fantastic success was not slow in coming: the audience went wild with delight.Newspapers wrote: "Yesterday a great singer was born in France on the stage of ABC."

After the war (and I must say that during the war, Edith helped many prisoners of war and proved to be a true patriot) thank Edith reached unprecedented prosperity.In January 1950 she gave a solo concert in the Hall of Fame "Pleyel", and press it so he wrote: "Street Songs in the temple of classical music".Edith won the hearts of connoisseurs of classical.Is not that a victory?

But even in the best years, Edith could not fail to recognize that the public - admirer fickle, and loneliness is always there: "The audience draws you in his arms, opens your heart and absorbs you completely You overwhelms her love, and she - yours.. then in the fading light of the hall you can hear the noise of departing steps. They are still yours. you are no longer shudder with delight, but you feel good. And then the streets, the darkness, the heart gets cold, you're alone. "

But Edith had other delights and sorrows of love - not on stage, but in life.There were so many.They needed her like air.No wonder Edith stated: "When I'm not dying of love, when I have nothing to die, that's when I'm ready izdohnut!"

Yet true love - a tragic, tender and touching - there in front of her one and only time in the form of the famous French boxer Marcel Cerdan.

They met in the United States, where Piaf were on hand - still, its circulation exceeded one million records, and what it is not only praises sing!Marseille also wore it on his hands, but - in contrast to the organizers of the American tour - totally disinterested.

He died in a plane crash - was in a hurry to the call of the beloved, and about his death languish from boredom Piaf heard before the performance on the stage of the New York Hall "Versailles".

Life has taught Edith exposure - even at the very bottom of despair she struggled.That evening, she sang in "Versailles" by announcing to the public that sings "in honor of Marcel Cerdan, and only for him."

This death permanently knocked rampant and fragile Edith out of a rut: she started drinking, talking about her fights and related scandals ... In the street, a cradle and a stage, it goes unrecognized, wrapped in rags and tirelessly sings passers ... Crash.Drugs.

Then it was already a little.Doctors diagnosed cancer.

last few days next was a young husband, the Greek singer Theo Sarap (this is the stage name she came up with it myself - in Greek "Sarap" means "I love you").

This young man was the last joy Edith: two weeks she was in a state of confusion, who are experienced, hands were reduced arthritis.He did not leave her bed.Piaf said: "I've always loved to Marseilles and a lifetime waiting for Theo."

And again: "I'm not afraid to die, because I have lived two lives."

When she was buried, there were so many flowers that the people went right on inflorescences and buds, seeing nothing of the tears.Child Street acquired last third of life - in the hearts of those who love her people, the memory of those for whom her voice is still the symbol of seething passions vechnomolodogo Paris.