Jeanne - Antoinette Poisson - Marquise de Pompadour

Marquise de Pompadour and Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson was born with 1721.It is not known who her father was.Some claimed that he was a lackey, who raised himself to the quartermasters, and then was caught stealing and left the family.Marques could easily give up such a father, but then she had to plead illegitimate child as many called her father a wealthy nobleman of Norman de Turnema that, though, gave her a great education and training, and significantly affected her fate.

Jeanne beautifully painted, it was small, but very clear voice, she studied recitation and music.All she managed with great success and gave reason to be confident.A 9 years old gypsy woman (by the way, her future Marquis paid a pension until his death) foretold her that she would be the favorite of the king and the first lady of kingdoms.

And then Jeanne-Antoinette has set a goal, and from 9 to 23 years hard it was.After receiving training and education, it is 19 years married to a nephew of his patron, a wealthy but humble nobl

e and became Madame de Ethyol.Soon she bore him a daughter, Alexandra.

richness of her husband, her perseverance, and dedication have helped Joan get to court.But here it just did not pay attention, or pretended to ignore.They said that was a case where one of the ladies in the presence of the King admired the beauty and grace of the young girl, the mistress of King Duchesse de Chateauroux with such force stepped on her foot that the pain she fainted.But in the 27 years the Duchess suddenly dies from pneumonia and Jeanne-Antoinette takes effect.

In Paris, at the Town Hall for the first time she met with the king face to face.After the death of the Duchess de Chateauroux he missed.Louis XV without reason called "Louis lover" or "beloved Louis."Ladies of the most illustrious families challenged in his bed, all entirely princess and duchess.And in return they received jewelry, and land titles.

For him, even giving his daughter Peter I, but Louis was married to the daughter of the Polish king - Leshchinskaya Mary, who bore him ten children.But it was dull and unattractive woman, and after 12 years of marriage, the king got tired of this huge family, and with him politics and economics.Louis XV became interested in art and women.By the time Joan of meeting with the king, he was 35 years old.

One night in 1745, when all celebrating wedding heir to the throne, Louis fled from the palace to Madame de Ethyol, and soon she came to the court under the grand title of the Marquise de Pompadour.It get her is not easy.Jeanne-Antoinette was an extraordinary beauty.Attracted its greenish - blue eyes, gray hair, amazingly clean velvety skin and a marvelous and fragile figure, moreover, it could not be denied in the mind and charm (Voltaire himself did her compliments).

But the king drew attention to the fact that Madame de etiology is not entirely sincere in their motives.And it was that nature has bestowed Jeanne - Antoinette seemingly everything, but did not give the most important thing for the mistress - temperament: she was frigid.Contemporaries told, that before a date with Louis XV new mistress drank a cup of chocolate with celery, but neither this, nor any other funds are not helping.In addition, the court refused to accept it and gave her the nickname "grisette", making it clear that she plebeyka.Jeanne realized that she must be "Versailles Scheherazade."

Yet it was time, Jeanne-Antoinette has achieved great success happy for her.She lived in the palace, just above the rests of the King, in its halls gathered the best men of the time: Voltaire, Diderot, Montesquieu.Rameau et al., And she was able to become their royal family.

There was even talk that the seven-year war in Europe started from the fact that the King of Prussia replied insufficiently respectful of the Marquise de Pompadour.Jeanne was a keen theater - it has obviously lost a great actress.Then it opened its porcelain manufacture, engaged the Marquis and patronage, but also opened in Paris Military school for the children of war veterans.

By his thirtieth anniversary of the Marquis de Pompadour realizes the futility of his attempts to be for the king ardent partner in his pleasures of love and gives him the "freedom", but then - as renting a house, which is called "Deer Park," which opens something,like Pension supplying young mistresses for the monarch.

girls quickly used, and then sent to a monastery or were married.The king was very pleased, and the Marquis thus controlled his freedom, while remaining for him other necessary and the most powerful man in the kingdom.It intervened in all the political events of the time and not just come out victorious in the fight with the young beauties, and in politics, causing discontent dignitaries.

Naturally, tried to get rid of it, even the attempts to poison, then suddenly died only daughter of Jeanne-Antoinette.Marques very grieved her death, she began to think about how to leave the yard.

By this time the Marquis de Pompadour was seriously ill with tuberculosis, treatment demanded money, and the king has reduced its contents to 8 times.She was forced to sell the jewels and play cards.

April 15, 1764, after four years of illness, the Marquise de Pompadour died.It is said that she was the only woman unroyal origin, who is buried at Versailles.

But, as usual, deceased at the court very quickly forgotten, only the funeral Mass ordered the wife of the King - Maria Leszczynska.