How to choose and buy spare parts ?

Now the problems with the choice of parts is not in principle - the proposal far exceeds the demand.But on the other hand, has increased the risk to buy a fake.Here and there are questions: where to go - in the shop or on the car market, which give preference: the domestic manufacturer or better to buy an analog produced abroad?

With the beginning of each new season of motor manufacturers and sellers of counterfeit parts are starting to make a fake semi-artisan way, make a copy of the original part and try to sell it for conformity with the original price.This item is made in such a way similar to the original only in appearance - on any other characteristics, it can not withstand any comparison, and often is simply dangerous, and its use can threaten not only the performance of the machine, but even the life of the vehicle owner.That's the first question arises - how to distinguish the fake from the original?

When buying rubber details, first of all, pay attention to the quality of the rubber, becaus

e it most difficult to forge.The easiest way - is to smell rubber.You should know that the original parts are not sharp peculiar smell, in contrast to forgery, which in most cases it smells like new overshoe domestic production.

Note the anthers spherical support - usually a fake shine and when you press do not take the former form, clamps anther look messy, finger of a spherical support on the original is usually tempered.

Now inspect the welds.In the original details, manufactured manufacturers, they performed the welding robot machine.Then the joints are obtained straight and of the same type, in addition to the original car parts rolling trim, which is almost impossible to achieve on the fakes.

course, should pay attention to corporate sticker with the original number and the details of the package: color paper and have a good quality of the originals, logos embossed on the details, such as trademarks, is also completely original shape and size.

Such nuances are so many, they often depend on the design of the part itself, so if you still have doubts about the authenticity of the desired items, and you do not have enough experience to confidently distinguish a fake, better consult an experienced driver orservice specialist for help.

When purchasing spare parts, you have purchased a marriage, the routine exchange of goods or refund the money paid, the same as when buying any other commodity.

You must bring the product and check the store, there is made an act of acceptance, and, if the factory marriage is clear, spare part must change without further ado.

In all other cases, according to the law, the firm-seller has 21 days to determine the causes.During this period, conducted diagnostic details.And if it turns out that the blame for the manufacturer, it will replace.

But there are cases when, after a check carried out it appears that the spare part is out of order in operation after incorrect installation.In general, the fault of the buyer.Then the dealer, usually fails to be replaced.Therefore, in all matters reinstall the parts is better to apply to garages, not familiar.