What is useful to know about modern tires ?

Very few people know that the tires started to produce in the last century in the late forties.They were then called "superballony".Such tire width was greater than its height.But soon came the bus, which had a 83% less than the ratio of height to width.

Extra wide tires are currently used in the creation of sports cars.The chemical composition of modern tires includes twelve different elements and more than two structural parts, such as, for example, the carcass and tread.To cushion tires need the frame, and the frame stability when driving at high speed provides a protector.

Previously frame made of rubber, obtyagivaya its linen cloth.But in terms of exploitation of such an invention it was imperfect.I wore out too quickly design.Later he invented another way to use the tires.«Continental» company became a developer kordonovoy tissue.This tissue consisted of a shuttle threads.

Currently in the manufacture of tires using only quality materials and modern technologies.To this end, the latest design w

ere invented cord and a special rubber compound.All this, of course, good for the characterization of modern tires.

And, of course, each driver must be able to correctly select the tires for your car.Of course, you can ask for help from experienced drivers, but you can show independence.What you need to know when choosing tires?

necessary to very carefully look at the tread.It should rotate only in direction of arrow.You can not rearrange the wheel on the side, not designed for this wheel.It's their fault.The asymmetric tread pattern of the most convenient to use.Thus there is no difference in the installation of a spare wheel.

use of winter tires in winter greatly improves the car's handling, but on the other hand, can be a source of problems when used on icy road sections.When emergency braking rear wheel drive car can bring and the front wheel can be rotated 180 degrees.

Before you go on a trip you need to check the level of pressure in the tires.Fuel consumption will be much higher if the pressure is above or below normal.Furthermore, this will lead to increased wear of the tires.

time to replace the tire if she found herniated or protruding court.It is necessary to constantly inspect the tires, check the pressure in them.All this will help to avoid many problems.

not purchase ever used tires.Firstly, they may be defective.Secondly, it is very dangerous to life.It is best to buy tires in specialized stores.

Do not forget about the rules of storage of tires.About them we were told in the article: How to keep "rubber» »