Language drivers on the roads

With the help of simple signals, for example, include all of a sudden a second alarm, a passing driver, so that tells you so much for what you have given way to him.If the car continues to overtake you go-enabled "emergency gang", then take a look, not on whether you have a headlight.The same signal can be sent to you when you are absent-mindedly forget to turn off the turn signal, and will continue to move.

inclusion of hazard warning lights on the car, which made an emergency braking - is important information for the back-moving machines that come in danger (road repair, accident, road congestion) are not indicated by appropriate traffic signs.

The language drivers play an enormous role turn signals, which can be used not only to indicate the direction of motion, but in many other cases.For example, the inclusion of the left indicator in the left lane is traveling ahead of the request to take the car to the right and allow it to overtake.A left turn signal is included in the track car drivers who o

vertake, but has not yet returned to its lane - this is a signal for the rest, stretching, for example, a truck or a bus, what lies ahead, into oncoming traffic, is free and can beovertaking behind him.

If you saw the car traveling track including the right turn signal and main beam blinked a few times, this signal indicates a request to stop at the curb.

With turn signals need to be careful.If you are going to turn at the intersection in front of which is located in close proximity to another intersection, do not turn on the direction indicators as long as not pass the first intersection.Once you turn, make sure to check if the turn signals are switched off.

blinkers Include at least 4-5 seconds before the start of the maneuver, and turn right after the completion of the maneuver.Especially dangerous is not the right turn signal off.

If the road on which you drive, turn, and you continue to move in the same lane and on, turn signals do not switch.

With Slight automatic shutdown signals might not work, that will give reason for other road users to choose the path of motion intersecting with your trajectory.

most common signal on the road - two short-term inclusion of a headlight.This means that the front, while moving, sitting, hiding in ambush traffic police, even though they may just stand on the clearly visible area.

The same signal can talk about what lies ahead on the road hole or rut, accidents or other dangers.If you receive such a warning, do not forget to thank the oncoming drivers.This can be a welcome gesture with his hand or nod of the head.Even if you Semaphore each car riding towards you, and you already know about the dangers, it is still not too lazy to say thanks to each driver.

There are audio signals, and a combination of light and sound signals, but we will tell later.Nothing is valued so much and not be so cheap, as a courtesy, and the way to manifest this courtesy - is no exception.