Transportation of pets

In many families, pets are not just a fad or a toy, a full-fledged family members.Naturally, with the Research Institute sent to the various trips, transported to the country, if necessary go to the vet and so on. And very often these trips translate into a problem and can lead to an accident.

To avoid this from happening, you need to follow some rules of transportation of pets, and do so religiously.In addition, many pets can not tolerate the way - their cradles, they feel strong anxiety, nervous and behave aggressively or inappropriately.

to ride in the car with pets are not turned into an ordeal, start to prepare in advance.If you already know that your pet sick or swayed in the car before the trip need to give him the medicine, while in no case can not give your pet conventional tablets for humans as on animals, they act differently.

Do not feed the cat or dog just before the road and on the road, and that in a way the animal is thirsty, at any pet store, you can buy a special water bottle for hi

m - this is a common transparent plastic bottle.At the end of her small curved tube at the tip, which has a special ball.With the help of this simple device you can drink a cat or dog in the road.The water is spilled on the seats inside the car, both from the bowl.

If the car has no air conditioning, it is necessary to keep the window ajar, the dog or cat is not suffocated, especially in the heat, while the width of the open window opening must be such that the animal could not jump out of the car.

If you have already carried a cat or dog in the car, you know that calm animal will not sit.Naturally, jumping and climbing everywhere curious pet will distract the driver's attention to scatter it.Clearly, this can be a source of emergency.

Making pet sit in one place, you can with a special harness, special vests with a lead end of which is to consolidate the headrest.To transport cats or small dogs need to use containers or bags, special transportation.If you do not have such devices, you can equip your own cloth bag with a rigid frame, making it an opening for the head.

for transportation of dogs in many cars there is a special place, which is fenced off from the interior a strong grid.Do not be tempted to take a pet in the cabin, even if your dog is always obedient and quiet.Animal behavior on the road is unpredictable, so it is not worth the risk.

Drivers transporting pets already know that after such a visit is necessary to clean the interior.Interior cleaning when - not cheap, so you should take care of the cleanliness of the cabin before the trip.To do this, you can use a special blanket, which is necessary to cover the seats.But if he has no special hardware, is a restless animal certainly will slip, which will reduce to zero your efforts to maintain order in the interior.

There are so-called "hammocks" - a system consisting of special covers with fasteners.One edge of the "hammock" is attached to the rear seat head restraints, and the other - to the front head restraints.In the back seat get comfortable "pit" from which the animal can not get out.Wool is to "hammock" and the animal does not disturb the driver.

But you can use the easiest option - waterproof film, which is easy to attach to the seats using the Velcro commonly used in clothing.

All these rules must be observed, even if the pet with you in the car rides one of the family members.Many people mistakenly believe that in this case it is enough to keep the animal in his arms, and everything will be fine.But a sudden and unexpected movement of your pet may be sufficient to create an emergency situation.Therefore, do not rely on their own account, and sleight of hand, and observe the animal transport rules strictly.