Let us never quarrel !

¬ęTired !!I'm tired of all!- And the rain outside the window, and a day like all the others, like the proverbial "Groundhog Day."And anyway, tired, like domesticated hen, look after migratory birds, envy and dreaming about the cities and countries, seas, oceans, who had never seen and never will see.Life is not a failure, and in front there is nothing! "- How often this or similar to this cry broke from his lips, or spinning in the mind of each?But what actually happened ??No, no ... it's not even the beginning of the depression, as well - the accumulated fatigue, irritation, reaction to another failure or trouble, what often complicate our lives.

can go further - for example, in a mood to blame all around, and individually, to splash out on family irritation, quarrel with all and relax.And it will give ??The answer is obvious - not only spoiled the mood of those who are close, but at the most.I sometimes ask myself - why people try to be mannered and polite, cultured, charming correct and everywhere -

at work, on the street, in a circle of friends, and all that had accumulated, splash out at home, the most loved ones ??

We can never see those who have demonstrated the wonders of exposure and education, and on the native people we live and live.I would argue - they say, and where else to relax, but at home ??And in general, what is there to pretend to be something among those who have, and so knows ?!Then it turns out that we ourselves - hidden cads and loose in their emotions?And we agree that the people close to us know it and suffer ??It turns out that we are ready to keep away from the stresses of anyone, not only those we love ??Nonsense !!

reasons for irritation or argument by the thousand.I will not argue that there are quite objective, such as trouble at work, lack of understanding in the circle of relatives, deception - so that the list, each with its own list.Yet, because of what we often quarrel ??If objectively bust in memory causes quarrels and insults, then, in all honesty, we must say that in most cases because of the little things that are not essential, and often none at all, values.

Somehow, solving serious problems, we collect all the forces begin to think wisely and constructively.A trifle, exponentiation, cause not only quarrels and insults, but also serious disorders in the family and with friends.But if we start from the simple premise that a person who alongside, did not want to, did not have a purpose to hurt you or harm?He could do it unknowingly, inadvertently, negligently, but not premeditated.Then, maybe you should just explain to the person that it hurts you, it hurts and this exhaust caused friction ??

I reasoned - if you hurt accidentally, inadvertently, it is not necessary to bring the offender huge bill and remember everything.It is necessary to explain and forget.Those who you roads, never to repeat his mistake.And if you repeat, and again and again ??And if you deliberately offends?Then there is no point in wasting time and energy on the following explanation.You just need to stop all communication, because it is impossible to live near or be friends with the person who hurt you deliberately, intentionally causing offense.In this case, no explanation does not help, but to live with the enemy (in other words, and not pick up) simply dangerous.

One of my female friends each time, after a quarrel with her husband, has announced a boycott of a few days, depending on the degree of resentment.And in the house where the two children grew up, I seized the sovereignty resentment, tension and such unkindness rich atmosphere that it became difficult to breathe even a person who suddenly dropped by.

And when I asked - what it does - to respond very aggressively said: "Let him know !!" And no arguments, even references to children who have not had success.By the way, my husband used to pretty quickly and waited patiently for the end of the boycott, and the children ... children too.At first, they were crying, worried, then got used, but as a grown up, were more likely to leave the house, to be in such an atmosphere as possible.And I think that's what - human life is so short, and live it in an atmosphere of malevolence wasteful.The other life is not!

in the world and so much evil.Maybe you should not bring even a grain ??If we can not change anything, so at least it is not necessary to aggravate.And our world, the one that we build a lifetime, a world inhabited by our family and friends - it should be protected in the first place.Her husband could not bear the garbage ??Or delay in the work, without warning?I do not pay attention to your words or congratulated wedding anniversary?You are ready to fire up and tell him all about "ruined life" and other more than a hundred sins only in the last week?

Shut up a little bit, think about whether it is necessary to articulate what you are angry?Does it matter what you say now?Look out the window, think of something good.Take a look at a wedding picture or a sleeping child.Calmed down ??Well, now you can talk to.