How to choose a car seat for the baby

First of all, the car seat for the child should correspond to its weight.this parameter classification includes 5 groups.So, first of all, determine the weight of your child and decide on the table seat group.It is reasonable to be measured and the growth of the child, as all children develop differently, and different in external parameters.

Next, what is important to determine when buying a car seat - seat with what type of attachment you want to purchase.Remember that most car seats can also be mounted with the help of regular seat belt.

Well, if you buy before you can offer your child to sit in a chair.He should be comfortable and convenient, because otherwise the way he starts to act up, and to distract the driver from the road.

be preferred, if possible by installing angle, because children up to three years (and some older) often sleep during the trip, so it's important presence in the chair of certain provisions for sleep and wakefulness.Also, the chair should be adjusted for height, then it

will serve, even when the child is a little older.

shoulder straps provide lateral support on winding roads, which is especially important when the baby sleeps.For children under 3 years of compulsory internal U-shaped or 5-point harness.They protect the baby.

Note the lock-buckle: it is important that he did not look fragile and that the child himself could not undo it.Cloth napkin near-lock buckle should be wide and thick, with a possible impact to the castle did not hurt the baby.Also notice how comfortable lining on the straps in the shoulder and neck.

better if the baby will sit rear-facing.Children in general as long as possible to be transported upstream face of the movement, and this rule should be observed at all times at least up to a year, until the baby does not get stronger neck, and he learns to sit well.

If you mount the seat in the front seat, do not forget to turn off the airbag!But the best is still to install a child seat in the rear seat, which is the safest in the car

If you have chosen a car seat before making a purchase, "try on" it in your car, because even universal chair may still not be suitableprofile of your car seat or for attaching them may not have a seat belt length.And it should be noted that, the simpler method of fixing the car seat, the greater the chance that each member of your family will be able to properly install it if necessary.

should pay attention to the material from which made the car seat, the ability to remove an upholstery washing.Well, when the seat is equipped with additional accessories: sunshade covers on the front seat (so that children are not soiled their shoes), the side protection of the head and shoulders.

Also, before you buy ask the seller consultant must show you the correct way to mount the car seat in the car, and the child - in the car seat.