Numerology and your car

One can not in the least to say exactly when and where born Numerology - an ancient esoteric science of numbers.But we know that the current version of the basic principles of Western numerology have been developed in the VI century BCancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who united mathematical systems of Arabs, Druids, Phoenicians and Egyptians with the sciences of human nature.

Arithmancy often called magic numbers.In it, each one-digit number (and all numbers should be reduced to a simple 1 to 9) corresponds to the specific characteristics that influence a person's life.With the help of numerology can determine not only the character, strengths and weaknesses of a person, but also to predict the future and the most opportune time for making important decisions.

number of your car - it is also the number that can give you important information.For example, you can see whether a room helps your vehicle to attract money, whether your car is your profession, in which it is traveling

to you most will have good luck and so on. And maybe even should change to a different, happier.

to determine the index of your license plate will first need to find the sum of all the numbers included in it, and then reduce it to a single digit addition.The letters included in the room, do not take into account.

That is the meaning of the figures obtained as a result of:

1 - you can easily go by car to any business travel, including abroad, and conclude large contracts.

2 - Your car is perfectly designed for a detour and inspection of various objects.

3 - The most suitable field of activity for the owner of the rooms - these are issues related to the receipt and issuance of loans.

4 - This license plate is useful to have creative people to strengthen their financial position - then they can easily create their own masterpieces.

5 - But your car is just made for travel!So go for a vacation by car, without any doubt.

6 - If you have such a number, in order to ensure a calm environment in the home, more likely to make short trips with the whole family.

7 - This number is for people who do not like to work in a team, and prefers individual activity.If you belong to these people, and you find it easier to earn money by working alone, then obzavedites number with the index.

8 - This number is favorable, if you are working with real estate.Driving around with this number, you can conclude a lot of lucrative deals, which means that your income will increase.

9 - number of the machine is good to have those who work in the justice sector.If you are coming on duty frequent visits to public institutions, try to get a car with this number, then your problem will be solved much faster.