Buying a car with a mileage : tips

What is important when choosing a car?Often they sell cars, visited and restored after serious accidents.Therefore it is very important that the repair was carried out qualitatively made, otherwise you with car and buy a bunch of problems.

But how to distinguish the car had been in an accident?The first thing you need to do is to carefully inspect it.When visually clear that gaps between the body parts are not identical, and color of individual pieces is different, then this car just visited paint brushes.To observe this, you need only inspect the machine clean and in bright light.

Experienced motorists use this method and they are trying to stick a weak magnet to various parts of the body.Where there is a thick layer of putty, a magnet will stick worse than where it is not.

Repaired plastic bumper can be determined the characteristic sound.Knocking on different parts of the bumper with his knuckles, you can find places that caused a thick layer of putty.

no less carefully inspect glass and lighting

equipment.Generally, the lower corner of each window in the labeling indicates the year of manufacture.If one car set glass of different years of manufacture, it may also speak about their experiences of the accident, and the new glass headlights are also an indirect sign of involvement in a car accident.

Lift the boot carpet and inspect the welds carefully.In the manufacture of body modern cars use only spot welding, while during repair of the master are the usual semi-automatic.Try to hardness (eg ballpoint pen) sealant, which smeared the seams.If one seam smeared soft composition, and another - a solid, it is a clear sign that the car was in repair at the tinsmith.Also, inspect all visible seams under the hood of a car.

Slightly bend seals windshield and rear window.If the color of the paint underneath is different from the color of the car, it says poor-quality paint.Similarly, inspect the seals of doors and the boot lid.

It is advisable to ask the seller on which the SRT car serviced.If the car is relatively new, it is likely to be that it served any authorized service center.In these car-care centers must be all the details we know about this car.Moreover, branded service stations always ready to share this information, if you promise that you will continue to service the car in this company.

Check alignments.When serviceable parts undercarriage wheel alignment should be within tolerance.If the geometry of the body is broken, and the angles do not match factory standards, it is better to abandon the purchase of such a vehicle.The older the car, the higher the probability that he had been in an accident.

However, it is not necessary to refuse from buying the car only ten years because it repainted.In most cases, it's even better than the factory paint with acquired defects.But in the case of poor repair or broken body geometry old machine can to deliver a lot of trouble in the form of permanent washable rubber and corrosion of the body.From bad recovery machine should be abandoned, regardless of price.

Neglect diagnostics is especially dangerous when buying a used car.Even in the interior of the car does not always pass presale.Even if you have studied all possible books about how to choose a car, and took with them an experienced mechanic, from the "surprises" that will not save.For example, you can get caught and dried warm up "car-drowned" from Europe or the last body repair and repainted skillfully "Changeling."

not necessary to order a car from unfamiliar peregonschika.In the worst case, you can "throw": as the prepayment when the vehicle order is 100% of its value.In the best case, you will be brought to actively exploit the car, for example, a former taxi with "twisted" the counter or stolen car.It happens that such an agreement with the owner of Drover, and a statement about the theft is served only after the sale of cars in Russia.Information comes to Interpol, and you're left without a car.

Lowered price should not involve and concern."Urgent and cheap" cars sold familiar.Prices not cleared cars look tempting, but buying such a machine without connections should not be in the relevant bodies."Customs clearance" sometimes costs as much, how much and cheap car.