How to divide with her husband homework

Rarely what his wife from time to time does not complain that her husband does not help around the house.How much truth there, and how unfair treatment - we will not judge.Let it remain a family secret.But imagine this picture and, in all honesty, tell, do not happen to you?

As it often happens: overwhelmed with work, all you need to get in the kitchen preparing the food, and would have vacuumed the floors.That simple command: "Bob (Peter, Mike, Nick), vacuuming quickly!" And Bob (or whoever), always ready to help his wife, meekly grabs the vacuum cleaner.After 20 minutes, again screaming from the kitchen: "Open canned!".And Bob opens.After half an hour, "washbasin is clogged, clean!".Then follows: "Delivers trash", "sharpened knives, very stupid."And in the end, Bob replies: "Leave me alone, I'm busy!" Scoundrel wife screams, "You wallow on the couch, and I am here like a squirrel in a wheel ...".And the scandal unfolded.

do not know about you, but I Vasya (Petya, Misha, Kolya) sorry.After all, why h

e behaves - because no one likes, when he constantly pulled and kept on their toes in order to prove who is the boss.He is master of the house, rather than a younger maid, and therefore categorically refused to obey the orders, in particular, to give a commanding manner.Moreover, the next time he did not rise from the couch, and, in its own way, will be right.

And just something to do not to pull her husband, but to get real help, it is enough to make a list of cases of it, which can be charged to him.Thus it is necessary to specify at what time it is more convenient to go to a workshop, laundry or supermarket, you need to fix what to do even at home.And you need to talk to him politely, if it co-worker instead of a home office.

sending her husband to shop, be prepared for the fact that it will attract very different products, and your home will appear instead of pork beef, and then something else, the name of which he did not recall, but bought because it was pleasant!

And that there was no surprises among the purchases, to submit it to the shop with a list, which specify exactly what exactly you need and how much.Believe me, your husband will thank you for it, because he did not have to keep in mind a bunch of names, and even navigate a large choice of identical-looking products.

lists or list of cases for the purchase of products will take you very little time.But, first, you do realize what accumulated cases.And secondly, you think carefully about what you need to buy in the store, so you do not suffer the most if something is forgotten.

But how much time you have available!And family quarrels will be halved.