The woman behind the wheel : age features

Women do not think about age when they possessed a passion for driving a car.Maybe it's good, because the convenience, saving time and effort, which makes it possible to use the car in our rapid time is so great that one can not enjoy all these benefits.The only thing that should be - this is taken into account age features.Moreover, they are most clearly manifested at a young age and if you are over 50.

If you are about 20 years, it seems that everyone on the shoulder - excellent vision, reaction time is minimal.But these accident statistics tell quite different.

Young drivers under the age of 20 years fall into the accident is 10 times more likely than middle-aged drivers, and it's not a coincidence.Sociologists point out as the most distinctive quality of these young people: carelessness, disregard of any rules and regulations, impulsiveness, desire for speed and risk, the desire to be first in everything.Tellingly, these qualities most often appear in the traffic safety studies as the cause of ac

cidents involving young drivers.

If you are from the beginning of your driving experience you want to learn safe driving, think, first and foremost, the responsibility not only for themselves but also for others.Try to quickly understand that without observing traffic possible concerted action by all members of the Rules, and therefore their safety.Young and inexperienced drivers should first think and then act, and not the other way around and have fun not from the fast and competent on the drive in which you consider not only their own but also other people's interests.

If you are over 50, then behind not only a great experience, but also, often, the driver.Nobody argues - experience - a great thing, but, unfortunately, he does not even able to compensate for some of the physiological changes in the body.Even those who have health all right, who feel no older than 30, rarely manages to avoid high blood pressure fluctuations, increased reaction time, decrease in visual acuity (especially night) and some other changes.

This does not mean that the steering wheel can not already sit - many go well into old age.But it is extremely important to consider the age and adapt to it already to his own style of driving.

If you are over 50, be careful on the road, let's not get yourself in situations that require quick action.Try to closely monitor the change of traffic lights, as little as possible to be reconstructed from one or a number of traffic flow in the other.You had better avoid areas with complex and unusual organization of movement, as well as movement in an intense traffic flow, moving at high speed.

With all these tips your enjoyment of driving a car will not be overshadowed by the problems and troubles of the accident.