Alphabet for drivers

When overtaking trucks long fur problems, since the review of the road is closed trailer.But many drivers of such vehicles not only to give way, but also help to make this a safe overtaking.If the left turn signal is turned on, you will be warned that overtaking is dangerous, but the right-turn signal indicates that everything is in order - ahead freely.

In response to this attitude to you, after overtaking, taken several times to blink "emergency gang" and give a short signal and horn - it is an expression of your thanks and good luck on the road.

If your car overtaking a big truck, you have to remember that the driver does not always see, he's already ahead of the car or not yet

big trucks on the road, too vulnerable.In the darkness, when the van comes to pass, it does not always see the driver (especially in the dark), he was ahead of your car or not.Because the road is considered good manners, if the driver has overtaken car blink distant light, making it clear that the wagon can complete the ov

ertaking, without hitting it.

included left turn signal on the track of the car driver who has made overtaking, but has not yet returned to its lane - information for traveling track vehicles that come into the oncoming traffic free and you can make overtaking behind him.

Audio signals are often used in emergency situations when overtaking, for example, when jumping into the oncoming lane, the driver does not have time to complete the maneuver and asks the oncoming car to take to the right.For example, one long beep, "the" in the back, means: "Give way!", As if the face or on the side (at maneuvers in the city) - "Skip!".

In urban congestion often there are situations when it is difficult to disperse, for example, the oncoming car is going to turn, and traffic congestion prevents it.Short light signal in the face or on the side distant light in such a situation is: "Pass, miss!ยป

But the inclusion of short-term high beam headlights at night - it is a request of oncoming vehicles switch to high beam headlights on dipped beam.

Emergency lighting on the road has a very wide application."Emergency gang" made thanks if someone missed you on the track, advance rebuilt.If you do not want to reach for the button for hazard warning lights, or it is located in such a place, and that the parking lot did not immediately signal is enabled, you can turn left turn and then a right turn signals, which is similar to "emergency gang".You can also use successive pressing on the brake, then the driver of the car behind you know about the danger signals on your brakes.And in the "tube", this signal means: "Keep your distance."

Beeps on roads used much less frequently.Klaxon is usually used to prevent an accident, or to warn other drivers or pedestrians about their intentions.