The ill-fated dumplings , or whether the feed specialties husband

Family scandal in the house of my friend broke out in earnest.Moreover, he began to mature even in the midst of a family holiday, but the guests did not notice anything.And the reason, upon closer examination, seemed paltry and business almost came to a divorce.

But all in order.A friend of mine - a lady house-proud and kulinarka excellent.Moreover, the guests and loves, meetings and laid the whole hog, to spare no effort and time.The table is always bursts with abundance, all very tasty, and the hostess herself, flushed with pleasure, gladly listens to praise the invited guests her culinary talents.

And now, in the midst of all this splendor, the husband, without further ado, commented that there was no need at all to her four o'clock sculpt these dumplings when he bought the day before yesterday in the store no less delicious.The guests laughed and forgotten, while his wife was wounded to the core, and that did not fail to express later, not choosing expressions.

husband decided, if the main purpos

e of his wife - to put yourself in front of strangers heroine of domestic work, and with a serious reproach to him.Of course, the dumplings were much tastier, but not to the point to spend on their preparation abyss of time and effort - so thought the husband.

His wife was insulted, like any other housewife, comparing her delicacies with magazine semi-finished product.Naturally, from ravioli moved to the relations in general, that her husband does not appreciate what she tries, and nobody needs it and so on.

In fact - close tasty stuff is a typical feminine instinct.Our biology is this: the baby fed breast milk, her husband tried to appease his fill and more tasty.But as for all the culinary tricks need a lot of time, we demand that the man was working in the kitchen with us, and especially when waiting for the guests.My husband, of course, try to escape from this duty, claiming that he did not see any difference between the finished and home-made food that he did not need any culinary delights, nor our deeds in their glory, and in general, he is ready to have something simpler, justhe had not been pulled.

useless there was something to explain or prove.It is clear that we want, as best as tasty - for them the same family, we try.But here are to blame if we do something for its decision, since it is not necessary to require recognition or special gratitude.Well, they do not understand our instincts!

sensible thing - do not overstrain.After all, your husband's food - it's only food.He sees no reason to hold of her cult and does not want the whole day off to sculpt dumplings with you, which will sweep away an hour.He prefers other activities, and if they like frozen pizza from the store, it only saves you time and energy.

In general, the simpler the daily meals, the more peace in the house and the more husbands will appreciate the homemade specialties.