Business card

Earlier in our country business cards were only diplomats and high officials, that they have recently received widespread.The first presentation, as a rule, begins with the exchange of business cards, so the card should not only contain the information that you would like to tell about yourself, but also contribute to the preservation in memory of your partner's image, the creation of which you aspire.

In modern practice uses business, personal and family business cards.There are cases and combined business cards that contain both office and personal data of its owner.

How should look like a business card

• Business card must be made of white poluplotnogo cardboard of good quality, which typographically clearly and beautifully printed your first name and, as a rule, middle, along with other information that you want about yourselfto report.

• There are no clear rules on business card size is not present, but usually in men, they may be somewhat higher than that of women - say, 90x50 mm (for women -

and 80x40 mm, and in young girls is even less, as a rule, 70x35 mm).

• Business cards should be suitable in size to a special album for their storage, so you should think about that and your card was a standard size - then it will not have to bend or prune.

• The font should be easily readable.The name is usually in bold slightly larger.

• Sophisticated Gothic or decorative fonts should be avoided.Be careful with the use of italic fonts, especially if you have a rare or difficult to pronounce the name, or if the card is in a foreign language.

• No frames and flourishes on the business cards should not be.

• Etiquette does not allow as far depart from the black-and-white palette, you can only slightly tinted paper.

• It is desirable that the surface of the card was matte, instead of glossy.Colored and unusual cards is allowed only for the artists, printers, as well as business travelers, employees in customer service and advertising agents.

• Black frame on the business cards may be a sign of mourning.

in Russia and in many countries are widely used bilingual bilateral cards - with text in another language on the reverse side.This is not quite true: the flip side is the fact that on it it was possible to make some recordings.If you have the opportunity, try to book a separate cards in Russian and foreign languages, but, in principle, bilateral cards are acceptable: the main thing, to observe the rules for writing cards in a foreign language.

Business Business Card

• On business business cards should be clearly marked your first and last name (surname), the name of your company or organization, and your job title, full postal address and other information.Also it is quite appropriate to use the logo of your company or organization.

• Business business cards can be combined, that is, along with the service location (in the lower left corner) and home address (in the lower right corner).Such cards are appropriate for scientific and creative workers, who often work at home.

• Women, as a rule, do not point to such cards, your home address, phone number limited.If an organization has several branches, then business business cards of its representatives can be specified multiple addresses...

• Business business cards of employees of shops, service industries, etc. in its design may deviate from the strict rules of etiquette - in fact, it is not only informative, but also promotional items.On these cards on the back can be placed colorful symbol of the company's motto.

• Business Card business without an address does not match the rules of etiquette (with the exception of diplomats and senior government officials).If the address changes, and you do not know their new phone, it is best to specify the official address of your organization, or phone the office of the secretariat.

• If you change the phone number, you can accurately enter a new number, crossed out the old, but cross out the name and enter the new position is considered bad form.Care should be taken to a new business cards have been ordered as soon as possible.

Personal business card

• Personal business card can contain your name and surname.It also may be indicated surname and initials - depending on your image, age, national and cultural traditions.

• On personal business cards, you can also give the extra information that you want to tell about yourself (address, phone number, pager number, e-mail and so on.).

• If you do not want to give your phone number, you can do this: if necessary, it can always be attributed by hand.

• Additional information is usually printed in smaller type at the bottom right corner.

• Personal Card may contain information about your rank and scientific degree (professor, doctor or PhD, etc...) - The data indicated by the name.

• Do not be surprised if in the personal card of your foreign friend you will not find his home address and the address of his club (the case that is referred to as the Club address - in the lower left corner, and the home - in the lower right

• Women.usually does not indicate any additional information on his personal business cards -.. only the name and surname All other data can be made by hand

family business card

• Family business card is a kind of personal card

.• This card is used when meeting, the direction of congratulations to friends of the family, attached to gifts.

• wife's name is placed before the name of her husband.

• Address on the family business card can not be specified.

Presentation cards at

personal meeting at the firstpersonal meeting after the presentation of the words you can pass his new friend his card.If you did not have with a business card - be sure to try to send or transmit its interlocutor.

receive a business card to the other party, please read his name - especially if his pronunciation is complexity.As can be put in front of a business card of your companions during business conversation or negotiation - this helps to avoid mistakes in pronunciation of their names and positions.

exchange personal or combined business cards (as opposed to business) may occur at the end of love.Agreeing on further contacts, it is advisable to exchange cards.It is appropriate to ask for a business card you are interested in the source, offering him his pre.

general rules of love and submission applies to business cards: Junior first presents his card elder, a man - a woman (a woman is not obliged to respond to hand his card).

Avoid "distribution" business card casual companions, for that matter, do not expect an interesting card from you, but almost a stranger with whom you have exchanged a couple of polite words on the sidelines of the conference, or general admission.

role of a business card with absentee representation

In the case of absentee representation sending a business card equates to visit.

Business cards are widely used to express good feelings, congratulations, condolences, and so on. D. If you connect with a destination closer relationships than the official, you can put it in an envelope with a card with a greeting card or a small letter.On the card in pencil can be attributed to a few words, and always in the third person: "Happy birthday" or "Thanks for yesterday's welcome."

If you want to have enhanced attentions to the addressee, the card can be delivered in person, but without causing the visit.In this case, the card must bend to the right along its entire width.In some countries, bend top left or right corner.That's allowed to know that the card has been brought personally.Direction through a third party business card with a curved side is a gross breach of etiquette.With such a "marked" cards transmit only personally.

business card accepted communicated by mail and by courier or driver.The rules of etiquette require that the person who received the card from its absentee acquaintance, sent him a response business card within days.

When absentee representation in the lower left corner of the card, you can make a pencil inscription p.R.(On the occasion of the presentation).

If you change jobs, then it can send your business card new colleagues from other organizations or firms.By sending business cards in absentia, it is desirable to accompany them a short letter or note with an expression of hope for the continuation of love.You can make a postscript on most business cards, for example:. "On the occasion of the appointment to the new position"

By submitting personal or family booked a married woman, you have to send it in duplicate.The woman also married couple sends two of his cards.

Spouses, leaving business cards in the house of another married couple, the wife left a business card for a husband and a family card for his wife.