Gifts.Preparation and presentation of gifts

Gifts presented to relatives and friends on various occasions - birthday, to a birthday party on the day of graduation or dissertation defense, wedding, New Year or Christmas.The gift should be an expression of good to man, and on holidays - a symbol of genuinely sincere relations between people, rather than a means of conscience 'sake.The ability to give gifts anticipates the ability to love a person, and etiquette rules determine how best to choose a gift and present it.

is well known that the value of the best gift is not determined by its monetary value!It may be that prepared by the gift will come in handy, but if the shape of its delivery may seem offensive, the person may refuse it.Presenting a valuable gift, most often, is not an expression of human intimacy, as a symbol of material wealth, and it is a privilege, not only wealthy people, offering a sense dictated by others, rather than a desire to bring joy to another person.

With the donation of gifts need to consider a lot of subtleties, for


- if your friend does not suit the special festive evening, but under the circumstances he gives a gift, care should be taken not to remain in debt

- if abirthday boy you an old friend, it is useful to stipulate with him the next gift, especially if you intend to buy something for the economy.But it is always done in the form of suggestions: Do prefer, for example, your friend tablecloth or grinder?But if she prefers a jacket, blouse buy

- it is worth to be careful with gifts humorous character.

accepting a gift, it is necessary in the presence of gave it to expand, to praise and express gratitude.Flowers should be immediately put into the water.It is impolite to postpone a gift, not looking at him.The gift, even if it you did not like, not only should not be criticized, but even detect a hint of dissatisfaction with them.

If you get as you think you are too expensive gift, sometimes you have to say: - "Thanks, but I should not take it.We see now can not help but believe that such an expensive thing I was more embarrassed than pleased. "Returning a gift (email) threatens the cessation of love.

Well, if one who has received a gift, try to use it immediately in the presence of a given.

not necessarily specially thank for writing received by mail greetings, you can do it at the next meeting orally.For sending flowers, be sure to thank by phone or in writing.

Women's Day March 8 is sometimes overshadowed by family conflict.House awaits the wife and the husband at the time congratulates the employees at work.My advice is the one who in the Women's Day is late home, must necessarily come with flowers or a bottle of perfume.

What can you recommend to choose as a gift?

most popular gift - flowers, cut or in a basket.They are always pleased and always helpful.However, not every time can be limited only to a beautiful bouquet.Especially when at one time you got from today's birthday with the flowers still a gift.

Relevant gift to a woman - cosmetics and perfumery (perfumes, original cream, but not acne or wrinkles !!, powder, scented bath salts, cosmetic bag).They are, as a rule, do not have enough or for long enough, and if the spirits are not suitable for the smell, they can always give his sister or girlfriend.But guess the color of lipstick is not given to men, so it is better to buy it when it is known which uses makeup lady.

Forever usvoyte soft phrase of Marilyn Monroe "Best Friends girls - are diamonds!" And girls are giving more and jewelry (natural and artificial: necklaces, clips, bracelets, brooches, rings).Note here that artificial ornaments should be the most fashionable.A gold and platinum, combined with brilliant stones can melt any, even the most callous woman's heart and set up on the best way towards the donor.

Men also adore all sorts of gadgets, so it is appropriate to give expensive drinks in crystal decanters, collection weapons, writing sets firm "Parker" with a gold pen or firms "Erich Krause" gold pens handmade studded with small diamonds in bulk.

Give animals (the puppy, kitten, goldfish, a Siamese cat), even the prettiest, best after the council with the birthday.

Gifts there are also official: decorations edition, good wine, crystal, chocolates in a box.Such gifts are meant for colleagues, superiors, unfamiliar people, to which you should go for a visit.

native people can give wardrobe items: bags, scarves, slippers, men's shirt, gloves, socks, belt, socks, sunglasses, cutting a dress, scarf or other things, the need for which they have, and you know.

gastronomic Gifts: cake, a good grade tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, oranges, homemade jams, suitable for delivery of family or close friends to whom you have come to the light.

can give the smoker a carton of cigarettes of the sort, he always smokes, or those who like a birthday, but he rarely buys them because of the price, also good to be lighter, ashtray beautiful, for an amateur - a box of cigars.

foreign guests donate art works by Russian masters, local drinks, an album with the national works of art, album or music CDs.

good gifts for the economy, if you have noticed the absence of his friends: Road irons nochnichok, whistling kettle, tablecloth with napkins.

good gift can be a stamp album or slides, wallet or purse (with a coin inside), stamped paper for letters, barometer, compass, watchband, flower vase, for the car stuff, cushions, anything fromsports and tourist equipment, if you know that the birthday child may be interested in such things.

most desired gift - money.However, outright practicality often deprives the present appeal, and yet among relatives is permissible.

Money for Russian wedding - a traditional gesture.And give the money presences person superior or influential person - an act of bad taste, which can be interpreted as a bribe.

dedicatory inscription on the books are made in cases where the choice of the book has a definite meaning, which can be expressed in the inscription.Should write on that page, which is located to the left of the title page.

A person who has everything, you can give things that are always pleasant: the man - the good spirits, the woman - sweets.

(To be continued)