The reason for quarrels - money

One reason for family quarrels, and it is very common - it is an argument about money.It is clear that money is an integral part of our lives, making it convenient, comfortable and pleasant.But the money in the family relationships can easily spoil or hurt.

If you often quarrel because of the money, it is an alarming symptom, it is necessary to understand, which is why specific conflicts arise, and how to normalize relations.Also, try to find out why you have a spouse with a different attitude towards money.And do not try to simplify everything and explain all avarice or greed of her husband.

Psychologists have found that the ratio of money a person depends not only on nature but also on psycho too.So, people belonging to the planner type, it is possible to keep under control and money, and time.They can not resist the beautiful, but, in general, unnecessary thing.They always have everything right on schedule: accumulated on the refrigerator and washing machine - bought, and soon will become a TV.

However, there have their weak point: if suddenly something goes wrong, they are experiencing a lot of stress.That is why they sometimes need to "harden" themselves, allowing thoughtless purchase.

But can not stand the representatives of the spontaneous type of restrictions and easy to part with money.They spend mostly on impulse of any stocks never heard of.Therefore, they need to invent incentives - achievable goals: the fall off on his coat, and in the winter - on a summer vacation.

There are those who can not be clearly classify to any psycho.This is the best option that is easy to get along with the extravagance of thrift, and as it happens - a real mystery.After receiving a salary, these people do not fall from one extreme to another, and quietly spend money without bringing them to zero on unnecessary purchases.

You probably have often marveled at people who are at the same income as yours manage to live in peace, without money, and even to buy big things and go to rest.It's just lucky and mixed psycho.

If the row over money all the same poison your family happiness, you should take a closer to your partner.Make it a rule to consult with each other before you spend money (in excess of the daily, unavoidable expenses).It is not always easy to choose a solution acceptable to both, but an attempt to look into the matter much more effective quarrels and disputes.

In addition, some financial independence is necessary for each of us.Discuss it with your spouse and do not ask each other a report for every ruble spent.Offer to speak about major purchases in advance, do not put her husband before the fact.Then he will have time to think, to weigh all the "pros" and "cons", in the end, to get used to the idea that this thing will lodge in your house.

If the husband suddenly bought yourself an expensive thing and then disappointed in it, do not criticize it, your other half and so very upset, so constructive dialogue does not work, only disputes and resentment.Time heals, go back to this conversation later, and "embezzler" certainly listen to your arguments and possibly agree with them!

If financial argument is not uncommon, do not wait in your family, that they will resolve themselves.You need a calm and frank conversation on the souls.The husband must know your claims and position on the money issue.But do not forget to look back on themselves at their costs and the way to conduct a family budget.It is possible that your husband's claims are legitimate.