Household , or why the husband and wife quarrel ?

Oh, this homework!About how her husband and a wife to share, so much is said, retold, though, to sense a little.And still, even before the divorce case comes when differences in the family over the household chores are growing like a snowball.

Women immediately begin to say that it is unfair, when a man comes home from work, my wife eats cooked dinner and a cultural vacation begins with a newspaper or a TV.And the wife, change of dishes, work out a "second shift" - washes, cleans, cooks dinner, check the children lessons ... Continue stroking a list of household chores?Clearly, it is not necessary!

But once scolded her husband, too, is not necessary, because in this situation quite often blame women themselves.Do not mind enough to listen to the opinion of psychologists about certain stereotypes of behavior, rooted in women's minds.What is it?Well, for example, many women believe that men are helpless, and if women do not care, they just would have died!

So always claimed my friend, regularly berates

her husband, she does not want anything to help.But when she had to leave and almost half leave her husband alone, on his return she discovered with astonishment that he is alive and well, even thinner, and the house is quite decent order.Do you think that something has changed in the way of their family after a family reunion?No!After a while, the friend continued talking to scold her husband, and my questions, how he survived without these six months, she just had not noticed.

Man all know very well how to do, and to what has not engaged very quickly trained.Moreover, many of the things they are doing much better than us women.Not by chance the best cooks, tailors, barbers - men.However, deal with domestic problems and household chores, they prefer only in the case when there is no other choice.

Many women are struggling to care for her husband, trying to be the perfect wife because ... scared as my husband did not go to another, more economical woman.But think about it, if you love and appreciate only what you know how to cook well, to wash, wash and clean up, is that what you dreamed of?It may be worthwhile to change your life, it is too late?

One of the most amazing reasons why women are saddled with all the responsibilities, is that they are convinced that if her husband something to trust, he would spoil everything, because his hands are growing out of the place.Let's start with the fact that such statements are able to repay any man desire to help or do something in the house.If you really want your husband helped you, be patient, do not scold him for his failures, because not all at once obtained for the first time.But then you can be proud of.

One of the most common stereotypes entrenched as in the women's minds, and in the male, is that family responsibilities are divided into male and female, in this case, a household refers exclusively to women.Most likely it came up with a man, in any case, women are convinced!But

break stereotypes is not only possible but necessary!Especially if you want to have in your home everything was peaceful and good, while remaining not tired out and tortured, and a fun, happy and having the time, not only on business but also leisure, hobbies and entertainment.

To make your life easier, it is wise to heed that advise women experts in the field of family relations.

• To your husband started with making you help, often praise him, admire his ability to do something, give thanks, and stresses that without him you would take with chores is much longer and more tired.

• necessarily involve her husband in domestic affairs that require physical effort, explaining that you can not do it.He will have the opportunity to feel like a real man.

• Do not try to do everything.Sometimes it is not necessary to rush to prepare food or pet shirt.Let your husband will feel that you are not a robot machine, but a weak woman, who was also tired and need a rest, and, in his care.

• Keep your husband any initiative aimed at household chores, even if you think it's not worth doing at the moment.And do not forget to thank and praise it.Men are not important to feel that their help is needed, that it is appreciated.