Separate family budget or family problems ?

By law, all marital property owned by the spouses equally, as well?But when a divorce, and divorce is not, as it should be?I think that this issue is not just me there was, and still there are women who give money to their husbands as they pleased.

my husband has been in business in, I also work.Of course, I have a small salary, but it is not there, and that I want to be independent and not become a domesticated hen, but the husband said a hundred times that I sat at home and worked in housekeeping.

course, not husband immediately got up, had a lot of work, I help than she could, let alone the household chores and say nothing - how could all took off from there.And a child he hardly worked, because there was no time.In general, then, though it is difficult, but we lived well, in all consulted.I sometimes think, would be better to let all and left!

And when her husband, things went well, he has changed a lot.I do not know how much he has all the money.It can bring home the expensive things, to say tha

t we're going to a prestigious resort, buy a house, make me an expensive gift.But at the same time, I have all the time to beg for money from him.

my wages on food for their needs, for all sorts of consumable things, well, the same household chemicals, all sorts of stuff, is not enough.When I spent all my money, we have to ask him.And here begins ... He says I spendthrift that no money is not enough for me that it does not, something else comes up.Well, anything, just do not give!If I'm behind, so he had gone, leaving not a penny.

And if I do buy clothes, because she is still a problem!And because I do not currently in boutiques buy - I lack the usual shops and markets.But sometimes ashamed of their appearance, because they go to the hairdresser, manicure - also need money and I have none.

Girlfriends do not believe - well, how can you, when my husband all of a wealthy man, smartly dressed, drives a prestigious car, and his wife looking on sale cheaper jacket ?!Frankly, I was quite satisfied with the jacket and sales.Well, I do not see sense to pay big money for one company name.It's a pity more - why he is currently in no way denies, and I'm always in the role of the poor cousin, that his mercy from time to time give a little money, and waiting for gratitude?

We quarreled about this more than once.He says he spends as he wants, because it earns.And I shall spend my that has earned itself.And anyway, my there is nothing - all he had bought on the earned money to them.I understand that the law of my half, but I want to make it in good conscience, divorce, I'm not going with him.After all, as he stood up, I put a lot of work, too.In the end, I was brought up by his child, he created the same conditions.

He says that we have separated the family budget.I have read about a separate budget.But with such a budget, husband and wife agree to peacefully and contribute to the common pot a certain amount, in accordance with the earnings.And we all depend on his mood - in good will at once, in a bad cause to ask for a long time.Moreover, his money is always there, and I outright in their family invest, even in the gifts he also has to postpone for a few months!

I do not know if you can change something, but so sick of begging from her own husband!Maybe someone was in such a situation and suggest a way out?